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Indian Performance Shocks By Fox

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Indian Performance Shocks By Fox


By Matt Kopec • Photos by Tricia Szulewski
The Indian Scout Bobber is an absolute blast to ride. The fun bike handles well, is quick enough to raise the heart rate, and is damn good looking. Whenever parked in public, this bike always gets a positive comment or two.

All that being said, the stock suspension, with its low stance, is shy of impressive and provides a fairly stiff ride. You can adjust the stock spring rate, but that doesn’t improve the ride performance that much.

Indian Motorcycles considered this and partnered up with Fox to provide an aftermarket solution, the Performance Shocks By Fox.

These are high-end shocks that allow you to dial in preload and rebound setting with a spring tuned specifically for the Scout models. This provides much higher ride performance over the stock set up. Plus, they’re Indian branded, giving them a unique look.

Installation of these shocks requires little effort with one 17mm ratchet and open-end wrench, but you will need to lift the back tire off the ground in order to mount the new shocks. You want to remove any pressure from the mounting bolts when removing or installing the shocks to avoid cross threading. I used a center stand and a small scissor jack under the rear tire to do this.

After a test run with the Performance Shocks installed, I can honestly say this is a must-have upgrade for the Scout. This fun little Bobber handled much better, felt glued to the road, and no longer kicks like an angry mule over bumps. Huge improvement.

The Bobber will sit an inch or two higher with the new Performance Shocks depending on your adjustments. But this Indian looks just as good as it did with the low stock stance. The positive comments will continue.

Parts Needed
• 17mm socket
• 17mm open-end wrench
• Torque wrench
• Center stand
• Small scissor jack
• Blue threadlocker

Indian Motorcycles
Performance Shocks By Fox
PN 2881790-463

1 – Lift the rear tire off the ground using a center stand and jack up the rear tire to allow access to the bottom shock bolt on the exhaust side. This will avoid having to remove the exhaust.

2 – Remove the stock top bolt on both sides using a 17mm socket. Put the bolts aside; they will be used to install the new shocks.

3 – Remove the stock bottom bolts using a 17mm socket. Also, put these bolts aside; they’ll be used to install the new shocks.

4 – Remove the stock shocks from the bike.

5 – Put a dab of blue Loctite on the stock shock bolts before reinstalling them with the new shocks.

6 – Install the new Performance Shocks starting with the bottom bolt on the exhaust side using the stock bolts.

7 – Position the rear wheel so the top shock mount lines up with the mounting point on the bike frame. We used a small scissor jack to do this step.

8 – It helps to have one person raise or lower the wheel and another person watch to see where the mounting bolt holes line up.

9 – Using the stock mounting bolts, attach the top of the shock to the bike.

10 – Torque all mounting bolts to 55 ft. lbs. Torque the bottom exhaust side first before installing any of the other bolts. This bolt will be hidden behind the exhaust after all other bolts are in place.

11 – You can fine-tune these Performance Shocks By Fox using a provided spanner wrench to adjust the preload. There’s also an easy-to-access dial on the bottom for rebound.

12 – The new Performance Shocks By Fox installed and ready to ride. AIM


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