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Jesse James Loses Advertiser Support in Garage Magazine


Jesse James Loses Advertiser Support in Garage Magazine


Jesse James and Trump on The Apprentice

A magazine owned by Jesse James is being punished by an advertiser who’s upset at Jesse’s infidelity — and claims he doesn’t want his product to be affiliated with “someone like him.”

Sources say a man named D.A. Sebasstian was in negotiations to run an ad for his movie, “Rat Rod Rockers!” in Jesse’s Garage Magazine earlier this year — but pulled the plug right when he first learned that Jesse had cheated on Sandra Bullock … because D.A. didn’t feel that it was in his best interest to support a person like Jesse.

Sebasstian, a married father of two, was quoted as saying, “Think of all those kids who were fans of his show, ‘Monster Garage.’ What do you tell them now — when they had looked up to this guy as a seriously cool role model?”

A source also reported that Jesse put the building that houses Garage Magazine up for sale last week. Coincidence?

Allegedly Donald Trump was heard saying, “Well, it sounds to me like the advertiser said ‘You’re Fired!’ to Jesse.”  Trump then spent the next ten minutes talking about how great his TV show was.  OK, we get it, enough already Donald.



  1. Jimmy Knuckles May 12, 2010

    Let’s be clear on what a “mistake” is. A mistake is like a math error in your checkbook, forgetting to tighten that last bolt or choosing to hang out with the wrong crowd. Although many people try to excuse their behavior as a “mistake”, a deliberate act (cheating on your taxes, not alerting a cashier when she gives you too much change, or CHEATING ON YOUR SPOUSE) is NOT a mistake. I don’t know either individual personally, but my own moral compass tells me clearly that what Jesse did was neither a “mistake” or “cool”. If your marriage is not providing for your needs, you end it before you move on, you don’t disrespect your spouse and cheat.

  2. six jones May 8, 2010

    I think people make mistakes, and those who kick Jesse to the curb will be remembered by Jesse. When someone makes a mistake in life there’s always someone that wants to kick em when they’re down. I think that Jesse has some friends and fans that will look past his personal business, after-all it is his personal business and no one else’s. I just want to say if you read this Jesse, its all good don’t give up and keep rollin, you’re a master, and people still look up to you even through bad times.