Laconia Participants Embrace Sunny Outlook

LACONIA – Bike Week rolled out slowly because of the economy and the weather, but retailers, bikers and organizers said clearer skies may rev things up.
Yesterday, Lakeside Avenue on Weirs Beach was packed with chrome from as far as Manitoba, Canada. The warmth was welcomed as a change from the weekend’s cold and gray.
Police Capt. William F. Clary said the past weekend was “pretty uneventful,” and Deputy Fire Chief Deborah Pendergast said calls for aid were down considerably from past years for the first weekend of Bike Week.
There was one call for minor injuries on Sunday, she said.
Charlie St. Clair, executive director of Laconia Motorcycle Week, said the attendance levels are “a perfect reflection on what is going on in the economy.”
Those who are at Weirs Beach, he said, are very happy, though some prefer “wall-to-wall” traffic. (from the