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Legendary Ride on Legend Revo-A Shocks

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Legendary Ride on Legend Revo-A Shocks


When it comes to any twin-shock Harley, whether it’s a bagger, Sportster, or Dyna, the most effective upgrade is usually in the suspension department. When it comes to what today’s Harley riders are looking for, excellent performance is paramount, but looks are important, too. Everything else on your bike is beautiful, so shouldn’t your shocks be, too?

Legend Suspensions nails both the looks and performance requirements with its line of Revo shocks to complement its existing line of air suspension products. For our blacked-out 2015 Street Bob, we opted for the black 13″ Revo-A shocks (#1310-0947/$925). The options, however, are plentiful when it comes to choosing a set of Legend shocks for your own ride. Lengths are available in 12″ (stock), 13″, and 14″, and springs come in both standard and heavy-duty options, for combined rider/passenger loads over 500 pounds. They’re available in both black and clear-anodized, but the most important option is an easily adjustable rebound damping switch, which distinguishes the Revo-A from the Revo. Legend’s products are made by hand in Sturgis, South Dakota.

The extended coil length on the Revo provides a larger sweet spot without having to go to a longer shock, allowing for a plush ride, control, and bottoming resistance in whichever size you choose. This “sweet spot” softens the preload as well, so a 13″ shock sits at almost the same height as a 12″ stock shock, but with noticeably better handling confidence and cornering clearance. The 13″, which we tested, is perfectly suited for single or two-up riding, be that every day on the street or weekend performance riding. The six rebound settings allow for specific adjustment based on whatever kind of riding you’re doing that day. For track-ready use, set the damping to 6, and for the ultimate cushy commute, set it to 1. The difference between all the settings is readily noticeable when riding and takes only a second change. Further preload adjustment can be made by rotating the springs themselves by hand. The springs take some effort to spin, but I found the as-shipped setting to be perfect for solo riding or with a passenger.

The Legend Revo-A shocks came with everything needed to make the install easy, including the spacers that allow them to clear the belt guard on the left side. If you’re running the stock exhaust—and going with an oversize length—mount the right-side shock first, starting at the bottom, otherwise the muffler gets in the way. Most aftermarket exhaust systems will clear just fine, but take a look at the relationship between the right side lower shock mount and the exhaust system before ordering a longer-than-stock size

Legend Suspensions

By Tyler Greenblatt

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