LifeSaverHorn Review

LifeSaverHorn Review

It Knows How to Push Your Buttons!

Motorcycle riders have a motto: Ride Like You’re Invisible. But there are some instances when you want to be noticed and noticed right now! If you’ve ever been riding your Harley and found yourself in an emergency situation and went to give a quick blast of your horn only to realize a moment later that you actually activated your left turn signal, then this product is for you.

The LifeSaverHorn is a plastic device that clamps to your left handlegrip and serves as a remote button for sounding your horn. The plastic bracket has a large pad located just in front of where your left thumb normally rests while gripping the handgrip. Press forward on that pad and the plastic bracket flexes and pushes a tab that’s located adjacent to the bike’s horn button on the left handlebar switch pod. It’s a simple, inexpensive product that gives you peace of mind that you’ll be heard when you’re in dire need of some loud reminders to your fellow motorists. The kit puts the parts for the horn activation process in a more natural position so you’ll be able to find the horn button more quickly in an emergency situation.

The LifeSaverHorn universally fits all Harley-Davidsons and installation is simple. The kit comes with an assortment of small tab extensions, so you can fine-tune how close the aforementioned tab is to the bike’s horn button. Once you pick the correct extension, insert it in place and clamp the LifeSaverHorn to the grip.

There are four models available: the standard clamp version uses a common worm gear drive hose clamp to hold the device in place, or a deluxe kit that has a more stylized custom clamp. The kits are available in black or chrome-plated.

The only drawback I found to the LifeSaverHorn is the loss of about ¾” of the innermost part of your handgrip. There’s still plenty of grip left for your hand to safely operate the motorcycle, but the new hand position takes a little getting used to. And here’s a tip: if you’re installing a standard LifeSaverHorn with worn gear drive clamp, make sure the large part of the clamp does not interfere with the clutch lever travel.