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Love Jugs Proves Itself Worthy in AMSOIL Lab Test


Love Jugs Proves Itself Worthy in AMSOIL Lab Test


Love Jugs recently put its product to the test, hoping to prove its cooling fan to be the finest available exterior engine cooling device. AMSOIL tested Love Jugs, and the results speak for themselves. Your V-twin and your oil are safe from excessive heat.

A few things of note: in slow riding conditions and idle, nonair-cooling devices contribute little—if anything—to the cooling process of the engine or the oil. Also, devices made to cool the oil do just that – they cool hot oil. With Love Jugs, the oil never does get hot. Incidental to the oil test, Love Jugs founds it “100-degree cooler” engine claim was verified and exceeded, as the front cylinder head was 132 degrees cooler while the rear cylinder clocked in at 145 degrees cooler.

Oil temperature at idle and during slow riding conditions are 53.2 degrees cooler with Love Jugs turned on, as opposed to having the Love Jugs off. Engine head cooling exceeded Love Jugs’ claims by over 40 percent. A cooler engine means cooler oil.

You can find the full synopsis of the results here, including a chart with the varying temperatures over time, with and without the Love Jugs, right here.



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