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MagnaFlow Legacy Gen-X Exhaust

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MagnaFlow Legacy Gen-X Exhaust


When it comes to performance exhaust, MagnaFlow has been doing it for years on cars and trucks, but only fairly recently launched a line for Harley-Davidsons. Every manufacturer has a slightly different sound, and you can tell the throaty growl of a MagnaFlow system as soon as it hits your ears.

MagnaFlow took its years of churning out power and great sound in automobiles and applied that same attention to its Harley lineup. The result is not only a great-looking line of exhaust components from complete systems to slip-on mufflers, but they truly nail that quintessential growl that sets it apart from the other V-twin exhaust manufacturers. When it came time to pick an exhaust system for my blacked-out 2015 Dyna Street Bob, the choice was clear. I went with MagnaFlow’s Legacy Gen-X exhaust system in black. I like the look and sound of a true dual exhaust system, but they simply can’t put down the kind of power numbers that a 2-into-1 system can. With a single crossover between the two pipes, the Gen-X has equalized exhaust flow and balanced backpressure. The black-coated stainless steel headpipes will not rust or blue over time while the black full-coverage heat shields create a smooth, blacked-out look. MagnaFlow’s exhaust systems are made in the US. Importantly, the Gen-X has that classic MagnaFlow rumble.


Swapping out an exhaust system is one of those projects that can be different every single time you do it. Depending on the age, mileage, and wear on the old system and cylinder heads, the removal can be easy or require a ton of elbow grease. If your bike is older, or exhibits signs of wear, you’ll want to get a new set of exhaust gaskets and flange nuts to go with the new system. When it comes to tuning, there are many different options that range from doing nothing, to installing in-line enricheners, to getting a tuner and downloading the tune yourself, to taking your bike to a tuning shop for a complete, custom tune. If an exhaust system is your first performance upgrade, depending on the system, minor tuning work will be fine. Remember, the stock narrowband 02 sensors can adjust plus or minus 5 percent. If you have other performance products already on your bike, a DIY tuning module or a trip to a reputable tuning shop is in order.

Install • By Tyler Greenblatt

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MagnaFlow Legacy Gen-X Exhaust $749.95
800/990-0905 • MagnaFlow.com