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May 2013 Motorcycle Kickstart Classic Wrap-Up

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May 2013 Motorcycle Kickstart Classic Wrap-Up


The May 2013 Kickstart Classic was a great success and lots of fun. We want to thank our sponsors – Spectro Oils, GEICO Insurance, Wheels Through Time, and Wrench Ride Repeat, as well as all the Harley dealers who welcomed and fed us along the way. The ride from Charleston, SC to St. Augustine, FL was spectacular, with AIM Editor-In-Chief Buzz Kanter and several other riders leading the pack on their pre-1930 Motorcycle Cannonball bikes. Over 50 riders aboard kickstart motorcycles of all ages and brands took part on the ride.

Look for full coverage of the May event in American Iron’s summer issue going on sale 7/23. For the digital edition, on sale 7/5 click AIM DIGITAL.

The next Kickstart Classic will be in the Northeast at the end of this September. Details and registration info will be available at AIMag.com within the next couple of weeks. We look forward to seeing you there. – Ride Safe.




  1. Sean costello February 12, 2015

    Gidday guys , was wondering how I can obtain a couple of those kickstart t-shirts .
    I have a 47 knuckle , 58 duo -Glyde and 42 WLC . Have tried to contact Grease rag but the response has been that it’s to expensive to send , I don’t see the problem as I’m willing to pay the bill .
    If anyone could help me out , it would be appreciated as they are cool .
    Regards Sean

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