MCCruise Electronic Cruise Controls Now Available for Dyna and Softail Models

MCCruise for Harley Softails and Dynas

MotorCycle Cruise Controls now has electronic cruise controls available for Harley-Davidson Softail and Dyna models.

Harley-Davidson owners experience ergonomic and economic benefits of MCCruise

MotorCycle Cruise Controls, a global leader in precision speed control, recently announced that its after-market electronic cruise control kit for motorcycles has been adapted for use with Harley-Davidson Dyna and Softail standard models from 2007 through 2016. Available for purchase directly from the manufacturer as well as through select United States dealers, the electronic cruise control from MotorCycle Cruise Controls, a company popularized over 20 years as ‘Mc’Cruise because of its web URL, provides unique benefits for riders experiencing discomfort or pain while riding, including reduced fatigue and greater fuel range. The company’s model-specific cruise control design ensures road-tested, superior performance for each custom installation. MCCruise kits can be readily adapted to any Harley-Davidson equipped with the factory’s standard throttle body fittings, including certain Road King models, while special adaptation for Sportster models is also possible.

Saving energy and money
Vastly different from a throttle lock, every MCCruise electronic cruise control is custom designed to precisely fit the motorcycle model for which it is developed. In addition to reducing hand fatigue and improving rider comfort, the benefits of MCCruise electronic cruise control include gentle, smooth transition from manual to cruise settings, optimized fuel consumption, control over safe operating speeds, and avoidance of hefty speeding fines.