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MDM Cycle Enclosures Harley Cover

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MDM Cycle Enclosures Harley Cover


Motorcycle cover shed

A recent turn of events beyond my control has made it impossible for me to put a motorcycle, or anything else for that matter, in my garage. To address this potentially catastrophic problem, I called Don Skoldberg, general manager at MDM Products for some advice. Good move on my part, because Don’s company had an easy solution: the Cycle Enclosure ($318), which is designed for temporary storage of just about anything two wheeled.

With a one-piece cover and color-coded metal and fiberglass poles, this system sets up something like a camping tent. MDM claims that assembly takes 10 minutes, but, genius that I am, it took me considerably longer. I started the process at sundown and didn’t finish until it was dark. Smart, right?

The Cycle Enclosure has a symmetrical shape, which means that the cover never touches your parked motorcycle, even when opening and closing the shed. In other words, if handled correctly, there’s no need to fret about scuffs or scratches. Even better, I can park a bike with a hot engine and exhaust, then close it with no worries because air vents on each side of the enclosure prevent condensation during storage. Good stuff. The cover is made from a woven marine fabric that has a commercially sewed construction for durability. Thanks to gusseted corners and strips of hook-and-loop fasteners, the Enclosure seals up so tightly that it’s totally waterproof. Trust me. Mine has stood up to heavy rain, marble-sized hail, and high winds.

At 40″ wide and 126″ long, the MDM Cycle Enclosure is a relatively small package that offers a ton of convenience. My only advice is that if you’re not a genius like yours truly, don’t try to assemble it in the dark. AIM

–Joe Knezevic as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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