ME 888 Marathon Ultra on Metzeler Web Site

Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra TiresMetzeler made it easy to check out its new ME 888 Marathon Ultra tire by including a special link on its home page that allows users to immediately go to its product page. From here, viewers can scan through the Ultra’s properties, look up the available dimensions for both the front and rear, and read the technical data available at the bottom of the page. Visitors can also compare the Ultra with up to three other Metzeler tires by clicking on the Compare option, which automatically contrasts the Ultra with the ML2: the Ultra features the ML2’s single-radius contour design and adds a 0-degree steel radial and Metzeler Advanced Winding technology. Customers who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for also have the option of staying on the home page and using the Find Your Tire menu. Just scroll down to the right brand and model and the web site will set you up with the best Metzeler tire. To visit the web site, click here.