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More Harley Changes To American Iron Magazine

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More Harley Changes To American Iron Magazine


As I reported last month, in response to the almost 1,000 reader surveys, letters, and e-mails we’ve received, we’re making some changes to American Iron Magazine. This time around, I want to let you know about two new features that start with this issue, as well as bid farewell to a columnist who has been with the magazine longer than I have.

As promised, the new feature, called My Sweet Hog, is a shorter version of our three-page Reader’s Ride and another way for our readers to get their bike in American Iron. My Sweet Hog is a single-page color feature that uses a reader-supplied image and story. To be eligible, your letter must include the year and model of your American-made bike, what modifications you have made to it, why you chose those upgrades, and would you make the same mods again if you had to do it over. To be eligible for this feature, send a few high-resolution (300 dpi at 8″ x 8″ minimum) images or photos, plus your story, to [email protected] or American Iron Magazine, 1010 Summer Street, Stamford, CT 06905. These images of your bike and, hopefully, you, must be in focus and well lit, with no bike or body parts cut off. You’ll find this issue’s offering on Page 92.

In case you’re wondering, we’re going to continue running our Reader’s Ride feature. However, for several months, I haven’t been getting in much that I can use. Though people are submitting, the photography is not anywhere near what I need for a three-page, full-color feature. To be eligible for Reader’s Ride, please shoot your bike the same way we shoot one of our five-page color bike features. I need a full right- and left-side shot of the bike without glare spots. Do the same for the cockpit, as well as any details you want to bring to our attention. Please also include a shot with you and the bike. As for the photography requirements, they’re the same as for Snaps and My Sweet Ride.

The second new feature is a bimonthly biker rights column written by Jeff Hennie. Jeff is the vice president of government relations for the Motorcycle Rider’s Foundation (MRF). The MRF is a grassroots organization that monitors and reacts to legislation, executive actions, or judicial decisions that affect motorcyclists on both the state and national levels. Long-time AIM readers should remember the series of articles we did with the MRF a few years ago concerning EPA regulations. In his column, Jeff will talk about specific instances where the federal government has targeted motorcyclists and tell us ways to defend ourselves politically. Jeff’s introductory column is on Page 111 and, being bimonthly, Jeff’s column will alternate with Fit To Ride, which will go back to bimonthly frequency.

As for who is leaving us, sadly Stephanie Feld has, after over 15 years, decided to retire her column. When I took over as editor in 1997, Stephanie was already a part of the AIM team. This month’s installment is her last. You’ll find it on Page 26.

See you on the road, Chris Maida

Story as published in the November issue of American Iron Magazine.



  1. Buzz March 27, 2013

    Sorry, but the forum is down and gone after the last and most savage attack/hack.

  2. glen chau March 27, 2013

    I have just realized that there is no longer a forum on your AM website, and Donny Petersons Archive articles. Will these two items ever be brought back to this website.

  3. Staff December 4, 2012

    Chuck, um, not really hidden. Just click on the button under the “Inside This Month’s Issue” box on the home page. It’s the button that reads “Readers Survey” and has a big red check mark on it.

  4. Chuck Poler December 1, 2012

    Craig, Where is the Survey tab on the web site? I wanted to add my remarks in the survey, but darned if I can find that small and perhaps hidden survey tab mentioned on page 82 under question 34; January 2013 issue.

  5. Craig Sharp July 25, 2012

    I would appreciate maps with all of your reader’s rides (or any rides, for that matter) that display the route taken with a few keys that we can follow along with the text. It helps to visualize the ride.



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