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Moto Bike Jack Does The Heavy Lifting

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Moto Bike Jack Does The Heavy Lifting


There’s no shame in admitting that you fear trying to lift your fallen bike by yourself. Most full-size cruisers top 600 lbs., and a loaded bagger can be over 1,000 lbs. This is the widely accepted method for lifting a fallen bike: turn your back to the bike, bend at the knees, grasp the lower hand grip with one hand and the frame with the other, and lift with your knees, walking the bike vertically, driving your butt into the seat. But, c’mon folks, doing this with a half-ton bike is not going to be easy. Add to that a sore lower back from working all day, and that bike might as well just stay on the ground.

That is why the MotoBikeJack was developed. Ray Lyons came up with this helping-hand-in-a-bag thanks to some firsthand personal experience, and once you use the MotoBikeJack for the first time, you’ll be thanking Ray.

The kit consists of a flat baseplate with a center receptacle for the upright sections, which are comprised of two reinforced steel shafts. At the top is a fixed, heavy-duty ratchet strap. The ratchet is rated at 3,300 lbs., and the large S-hook is vinyl-coated to protect the finish of your bike parts.

Should the unthinkable happen and you find yourself parallel to the horizon, start the rescue by retrieving the jack from storage, assembling the jack, and positioning it as closely as possible to the center of the bike. Release the ratchet and attach the S-hook to the frame or rear footpeg. Take up the slack on the web strap and start ratcheting the bike back up.

Here are some tips. The upright pole will lean toward the bike as it rises, so you’ll need to start with the pole up against the seat. Also, you can use the handy canvas carrying bag to protect the seat from the strap webbing. If you drop your bike on the right side, flip the sidestand out before you begin. As the bike reaches vertical, it’ll rest onto the sidestand. If the bike has fallen on the left, then use caution as you near full upright position, so it doesn’t fall over onto the right. If it does, you’ll find yourself using the MotoBikeJack to repeat the procedure.

The MotoBikeJack comes with a canvas storage bag, weighs just 7-1/2 pounds and is made in the USA. AIM 357