Motorcycle Awareness Distracted Driving is Deadly Driving

AMA_LogoThe perils of distracted driving take a front seat during May, which is designated as national Motorcycle Awareness Month.

The initiative, supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, encourages drivers to watch for motorcycles and understand that motorcycle riders enjoy the same rights and privileges as operators of other vehicles.

Send a tweet to the NHTSA that motorcyclists are part of the solution in making the roads safer for all users. Encourage safe driving practices and ask all motorists to stay alert and aware of their environment.

The slogans are everywhere, on billboards and bumper stickers, badges and T-shirts: “Watch out for motorcycles.” “Look twice, save a life.” “Share the road.”

But not all motorists heed the warnings. And, with the warmer temperatures spilling across most of the country in May, the roads are filling with riders.

Let NHTSA know that Distracted Driving is Deadly Driving. Tweet them now using our easy-to-use tools made available at the AMA Action Center.

Follow the “Tweet NHTSA” link, enter your information into the form at the bottom of the page and click the “submit” button. You will be prompted to allow our advocacy software permission to work with your Twitter account.

Let’s make the roads and highways safer for all users — including motorcyclists — to take the “distracted” out of driving.



  1. Engaging post. Would you link me to more of your work?