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Motorcycle Book Review: Chrome Cowgirl Guide

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Motorcycle Book Review: Chrome Cowgirl Guide


Mullins' motorcycle book will get women's engines roaring

The Chrome Cowgirl Guide to the Motorcycle Life ($24.95) is part biker chick-lit and part author Sasha Mullins’ personal photo album and diary entries. The book is billed as a “primer for women entering the motorcycle
community.” That it is, but with a twist. Mullins sees life through rose-colored glasses with gold-sparkling scribbles on the lens. That’s the only way I can describe the tone and feel of this 192-page book, which provides inspiration to ride more through imparting the empowering and spiritual benefits of motorcycling rather than any concrete factual reasons. To read Chrome Cowgirl is to buy into a whole new vocabulary invented by Mullins. Words like ridelicious, roadacious, windsister, windini, and motocure appear in chapter titles. “Motocure: manicures for the motorcycle, mind and mood” is the title of the section on maintaining your motorcycle. It explains how to do a tire burnout and advises carrying fun bandannas, a compact umbrella, and a Chrome Cowgirl attitude hat in your motorcycle tool kit for the road. You get the picture.

Mullins’ material is gleaned from her years riding a Sportster she’s named Tigerlily; she’s had the privilege of experiencing the motorcycling lifestyle through a proverbial backstage pass to the action and by rubbing elbows with the who’s who of the Harley world. She’s learned a lot and is a changed woman as a result of spending time on Tigerlily. This book is a compilation of that wisdom, written to inspire other women to “ditch life as you know it” and become windsisters. AIM
Genevieve Schmitt

MBI Publishing


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  1. Mark Kalan March 22, 2010

    Go get ’em Sasha!