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Motorcycle Cannonball Day 4 Team American Iron

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Motorcycle Cannonball Day 4 Team American Iron


The stay started poorly. I woke up feeling dizzy and blurred vision. I felt out of balance and was concerned something was wrong. Turns out I was dehydrated from the day before, I drank a lot of water, some Gatorade and Paul made me a protein fruit drink. Within an hour I was feeling good enough to ride. Paul was up and ready, as was Cris, Pat, on the other hand still had real mechanical issues with his 1929 Harley JD in spite of our meachanics Coe and Weese working on it until 1 in the morning and back at it at 6 am.

Paul and Cris fooling around. Paul claims he can tell how a bike is running by tasting the used engine oil. Really Paul? Amsoil is a psonsor.

Paul and I checked in and left on time. Cris also checked in and left a little after we did. Pat spent the day on the truck.  The ride started out mild and sunny and got cooler during the day as we rode into the mountains a bit. Great ride into Cyclemos Museum in Red Boiling Springs, TN for lunch. Biig turn out and lots of great people, bikes and food. Cris caught up with me and Paul and we rode to the end of the day together with our new friend Greg Allen.

Big welcome crowd at Appleton HD.

After a great reception and dinner at Appleton HD in TN we rode to the hotel 8 miles away and got lost as the sun was setting. Then, about 1 mile from the hotel the drive chain on my 1936 Harley VLH snapped a link and fell off on a busy highway.

My 1936 Harley threw a chain after dinner and hitched a ride back to the hotel on the Motorcycle Cannonball trailer. New chain installed at the hotel parking lot.

We called for help and the Motorcycle Cannonball bus and trailer came and got me and my bike and broug us back to the hotel. Coe installed my spare chain and had me shipshape once again for the new day.

Randy Aron of Cycle Visions working on Pat Simmons’ 1929 Harley late at night in the hotel parking lot.

at the hotel a number of people were working on Pat’s bike, including Randy Aron of Cycle Visions who did miracles and seemed to get the bike running its best to date. Tuesday is another day and we are hoping all four Team American Iron riders are up and an the road.

Standings for end of Day 4 are: 101 registered bikes. at 851 miles covered. Paul is ranked 59, Buzz is 60 (we both were deducted 22 points as we arrived late one day), Pat at 84 and Cris at 92. At this point 56 riders are holding full points.




  1. Paul Louis Venne September 9, 2014

    Wow. Bustin’ a chain! That’s vintage. It wasn’t a Duckworth was it? Thanks for the excellent reporting and, Godspeed. Paul Venne Long Beach, California

  2. Jim Dohms September 9, 2014

    Hope Team American Iron has a good day of riding today. A warm day in store but little chance of rain.

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