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Motorcycle Cannonball Day 6 Adventure Power’s Team American Iron

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Motorcycle Cannonball Day 6 Adventure Power’s Team American Iron


Day 6 is over – and what a long one it was. 299 miles – many of them in pouring rain. Paul and I took off together while Cris and Pat rode with Scott and Sharon Jacobs- at least for the first few miles when Pat’s bike suffered more mechanical issues and pulled out for the day. Cris and the Jacobs motored on.

The first 80 or 90 miles of the morning went well for Paul and I, and then the skies opened up and we got soaked on the road for hours. By the time the rain eased we didn’t quite make it to the next scheduled gas stop. About 8 miles short my bike went dry and something odd happened to the hand shift transmission that we could not get the bike into neutral to push it safely off the road to refill the gas tank. We called called Rob Nussbaum, at Retrocycle, who gave us a few suggestions and we were back in business in no time (thanks to the spare gas can I have on the back of my 1936 Harley.)

On the way to the gas station to fill up Paul must have caught the eye of the local law enforcement department and had a little discussion. Nothing serious…

Team American Iron rider Paul Ousey learning about local laws and regulations?

We were out of that bind quickly, filled our gas tanks and Paul promised never to return to the town or county. We rode down the road and got some lunch a full half hour ahead of the schedule. Within an hour it was raining again, but not much. We rode 50 to 60 miles between gas stops and eventually found ourselves 10 miles for the end of the day’s ride to Sedalia, MO more than an hour ahead of time. If you arrive to the end stop too soon you will be docked points, so we stopped at the local gas station for a while.

Paul dreaming of winning the Motorcycle Cannonball at the end of Day 6?

Needless to say Paul and I rolled in with plenty of time to spare, but not too early. A little while later Cris rolled in and we exchanged the details of our day’s ride. We got reports the chase trailer was filled to over capacity with  wet and broken motorcycles. So the parking lots are busy tonight with people repairing the broken and damaged bikes after a long day on the road.

Big turn out at the Harley dealer in Sedalia, MO.

This was a long day but 3 of the 4 members of Adventure Power’s Team American Iron made it in with full points.

Cris rode the entire rain soaked 299 miles on her Harley flathead.

The rankings after Day Six are now: 101 registered riders. 45 of them holding perfect scores. Paul is the highest ranked member of Adventure Power’s Team American Iron at #50, I am second at #51 (Paul and I rode the entire course, but were docked 22 points each for arriving late after helping various riders along the way), Cris moved up nicely to #84 and Pat dropped down to #88.

Tomorrow is the last day on the road before we have our one and only day off  to do major mechanics, reorganize our machines, trailers and do laundry.  Thanks to sponsors and supporters, including Kinetic/Adventure Power, Retrocycle, Conti tires, Amsoil oils, Moto Pump, Pro Pad, American Iron Magazine and others. For more info on this event please go to www.MotorcycleCannonball.com.


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  1. Susan Quitzau September 11, 2014

    I’m enthralled by the Cannonball Motorcycle Rally 2014! Thank you for posting your day-to-day journey so I can follow vicariously. I chased the Cannonballers in 2012 through Cody, WY and Sheridan and Yellowstone. Hoping to make it to Grand Junction to cheer you all on, but have a very slim window… Good Luck all! I applaud your passion, enthusiasm, and vintage motorcycles!

    Ride On Baby Ride On!

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