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Motorcycle Cannonball Day 7 Adventure Power’s Team American Iron

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Motorcycle Cannonball Day 7 Adventure Power’s Team American Iron


Day 7 is done and what a cold wet one it was. The date was 9 11 and I expect most or all of the riders had thoughts of those lost and their families and loved ones.

All 4 Team American Iron riders pulled out of Sedalia, MO and heading for Junction City, KS – some 244 miles, dressed for weather. It was in the low 60s and drizzling rain. Pat Simmons on his 1929 Harley JD, Cris Sommer Simmons on her 1932 Harley VD, Paul Ousey on his 1925 Harley JE and me (Buzz Kanter) on my 1936 Harley VLH.

Paul Ousey wore his colors on 9 11 in memory of his close friend Ski who was lost following the attack on World Trade Towers.

The ride is roughly 4,000 miles from Daytona Beach, to Tacoma, WA on 1936 and older motorcycles. Every mile we cover on our own power AND we leave and arrive at the start and finish points on time earns the rider a point. If the bikes have mechanic issues the riders and others can help without losing points, but our mechanics may not help us as they are on a  a different route that the riders.

Motorcycle Cannonball #106 Harley burned to the ground near the start of Day 7

If you think this is fun, you are right. If you think it is easy think again. One Harley rider found that out the hard way yesterday morning when his JD caught fire and burned to the ground. The rider is OK but the bike is toast.

We rode through several hours of rain in the morning with Paul and me riding together and Cris and Pat riding with Scot Jacobs and his wife Sharon and a could others.  It was cold and miserable. After a few hours of riding Paul pulled over to tighten the bolts in his transmission that had come lose. I walked to the Home Depot we were parked in front of and bought me and Paul some dry gloves and liners which worked out great for the rest of the day. As we fired up Pat and Cris and crew rode by so we tucked in with them and rode to lunch an hour later.

Left to right: Scott Jacobs, Paul Ousey, me (Buzz Kanter) Pat Simmons, Cris Sommer Simmons and Sharon Jacobs at a gas stop.

After lunch we broke up into smaller riding groups we me and Paul heading out ahead, Cris and Pat rode with Scott and Sharon Jacobs. The rain, for the most part, was over but the temps dipped into the 50s all day. We rode through some amazing countryside and the course master picked some great twisty roads for us to enjoy.

I must say, as hard as we work to get ourselves and our motorcycles down the road and across theis country the hard way, many of the riders have a lot of fun along the way. Paul seems to have more than most.

Paul Ousey goofing around (again) on Day 7 of the Motorcycle Cannonball. How fast was he going? You tell us.

Shorty after the Harley surfing incident this happens. Go figure! There is no way to know what this mad man will do next on these rides.

Does this photo really need a comment? Anyone who knows Paul Ousey can tell you all about him.

After some fast talking and a free subscription to our motorcycle magazines American Iron Magazine, Motorcycle Bagger and Motorcycle magazine Paul and I arrived to the outskirts of Junction City more than an hour early, so we cooled it as a local gas station. We were delighted when our pal Jim Petty showed up on his recently rebuilt 1927 Indian Chief that we rode with on the last Cannonball. He had blown up the engine a few days earlier and rebuuilt it from the bottom up. The three of us rode the last 10 or so miles together and pulled into the local Harley dealership together. We are delighted to have Jim Petty back and riding with us again.

End of Day 7 in Junction City, KS.

All four Adventure Power Team American Iron riders made it in on time and will full points. The only issues I am aware of are  Paul’s transmission coming loose and my clutch getting very sticky, hard to use and notchy feeling. We have the next day (Friday) off – our one and only day of not riding. We will spend it in Junction City KS working on our bikes, getting some well earned rest and doing laundry (don’t ask).

At the end of Day 7 of Motorcycle Cannonball, the results are as follows: 1,585 miles ridden. 43 of 101 riders still holding perfect scores. Paul is ranked 47, I am ranked 48, Cris is 79 and Pat is 85.

We’d like to thanks our sponsors and suppliers: Retrocycle that rebuilt my bike and Pauls, Steve Huntsinger who rebuilt Cris and Pat’s bikes, Kintetic/Adventure Power batteries – our title sponsor, Conti tires, Amsoil, and Wheels ThroughTime.



  1. Pam F. September 13, 2014

    Thanks for these updates, it’s wonderful to be able to follow along “on the fly”. That Harley on fire…I can’t even imagine being the owner of that beautiful beast and seeing her die that way. Horrible.

  2. Keith Webster September 12, 2014

    Your bike surfer is clipping along at 0 while being supported on the stand. If I’m wrong, well, at least he’s wearing some protective gear and should leave a good-looking (debatable 🙂 ) corpse. The JD with the flames makes me want to cry. My grandfather rode a ’28 JD. Props to those who keep these machines alive.

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