Motorcycle Cannonball – Riders Gather in Kitty Hawk, NC

The area around Kitty Hawk, NC should be home to a lot more classic motorcycles this week than is usual. Today is the first official day for the Motorcycle Cannonball riders to begin assembling before the 17 day cross country ride begins on Friday.

The official action begins tomorrow from the Motorcycle Cannonball riders and their pre-1916 motorcycles. Michael Lichter, the official photographer of the event, is scheduled to shoot formal studio photos of as many of the roughly 70 pre-1916 motorcycles as he can fit in. Official registration and inspection starts tomorrow and runs through Thursday afternoon.

Then there is a rider meeting on Thursday, September 9 at 6 pm. Following the riders meeting is a kick-off dinner. There is then an official Motorcycle Cannonball group panoramic photo at 9 Friday morning and then the first motorcycles (Class I – single cylinder, single speed motorcycles) pedal away into history.