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Motorcycle Cannonball, Stage 9 Adventure Power’s Team American Iron

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Motorcycle Cannonball, Stage 9 Adventure Power’s Team American Iron


Today was one of the most challenging to date on the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball riding from Burlington, Co to Golden Colorado with altitudes as high as 8,200 feet. All 4 Team American Iron riders started on time with Paul and Me (Buzz) pulling out ahead of many other riders in the coolish 50 degree temps and a bit of ground fog. A few hours into the ride Paul and I stopped to take a photo at the half way mark of the roughly 4,000 mile Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 ride.

Posing at the half way mark of the 4,000 mile Motorcycle Cannonball ride.

Pretty soon the fog burned off and we had a great lunch and tour of the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum. After that we peeled down some of the hotter clothes and rode through the amazing Garden of the Gods.

Selfie at an amazing rock in Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Look at the size of the people in the background.

After the Garden of the Gods were rode up and down through some very significant mountain roads. We heard of at least one Henderson rider going off roading and ending up in the hospital. We hear it is not too serious but wish hm a complete and quick recovery. Everyone was exhausted by this ride but so many seemed to enjoy it. All, except those in the break down trailer. Paul and I both experienced some power delivery issues with our bikes, especially at the higher altitudes and hot air. We finished the day at David Uhl’s art studio, where they threw an amazing party for us with great food and 3 message therapists free for all riders.  David and his wife Elizabeth are a class act and everyone was impressed and had fun.

Dinner host David Uhl doing a quick interview at the Motorcycle Cannonball event in his art studio. Great hospitality by David and his wife Elizabeth in the studio and dinner tent.

All four Adventure Power’s Team American Iron riders made it in with full miles again today. The same can not be said about the official chase vehicle and break down trailer which was stranded on the road with mechanical issues. Sure hope this is sorted out soon as it might be in great demand tomorrow.

The chase truck and trailer broke down on the mountains today. Yickes!And as tough as today’s ride was – and it was – tomorrow’s will be tougher. The riders will be climbing up as high as 12,000 feet where the air is thin and the bikes are not happy. Then, we need to ride down again putting our brakes, tires, clutches and engines to serious test. Wish us luck.

At the end of Stage 9 the stats are as follows: 101 motorcycles registered and 2,147 miles covered.. 38 still are holding perfect score. Paul is ranked #43, Buzz #44, Cris #72, and Pat #80.


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  1. Jim Dohms September 15, 2014

    Good luck to all today. Hope the sweep truck gets repairs first thing this morning.

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