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Motorcycle Chain Breaker And Rivet Tool Kit

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Motorcycle Chain Breaker And Rivet Tool Kit


In 1983, during the relentless surge of glam rock, a little-known band out of Los Angeles released its debut album and title track, Dokken; Breaking the Chains. Only reaching 136 on the Billboard 200 chart, this particular album was more of a gentle trickle than a surge forward. But, with blistering guitar riffs, ungodly falsetto screams, and nonstop touring, the band did eventually become lead players in the glam, teased-hair assault.

So, what does this have to do with the Stockton chain toolkit some 35 years later? Well, nothing. But when you’ve exhausted the ability to adjust slack in your drive chain and need to replace it, this kit will…break the chain. Sorry, couldn’t help myself, no more cheesy puns, I promise.

Made of steel, this kit’s extremely durable and includes everything you’ll need to replace that old, worn chain. It includes upper and lower press plates and pin guides, plus several breaker pin options, 2.2mm, 2.9mm and 3.8mm. It’s a comprehensive little kit that makes sure you’ll have no problem when it’s time to separate that old link.

The tool works well and takes little effort to operate, but a delicate touch is needed when pressing your new chain together. You’ll want the newly riveted link to move freely, without binding up. Go slowly and check often when doing this step.

There are a lot of kit’s available, all aimed at performing the same task. Some, Like the Motor Pro: Jumbo Chain Tool, operate in a slightly different way than Stockton’s tool, but all will break the chain. And some will rivet it back together, like the Stockton or Motion Pro kit.

If you have any how-to questions, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions are included with most kit’s.


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