Motorcycles, Metallica, Zombies, and More

Had a great time recently at the Orion Music + More festival, hosted by heavy metal supergroup Metallica. The event took place in Atlantic City, NJ on June 23 & 24, featuring bands on four different stages playing everything from heavy metal to southern rock, topped off with a killer two hour plus performance each night by the host band.

Being a long time fan of Metallica, I’ve seen them several time over the years, this show was easily one of their best. But aside form them blowing the roof of the joint, the weekend long music + more fest offered lots in the way of entertainment, hence “more” in the name.

A cool and unique thing about this event and what kinda sets it apart from other weekend hangs, was that each member of Metallica had a tent set up on the fairgrounds showcasing interests aside form music. Lars had a rare movie display, Kirk tried to scare us all with his creepy movie memorabilia, Rob brought an X-game vibe to the party with pro skaters and surfers, but James Hetfeilds custom Hot-rod and Bike show was the draw for me.

On display were a bunch of cars and motorcycles from James’s personal collection. Man it’s nice to be a rock star, this guy has a collection of rat rods, show quality hot rods and a bitchen stable of bikes that put most I’ve seen to shame. Along with his collection were over a hundred other cars and bikes, with builders from all over the country.

Saw some familiar cars and bike while looking around. An old dodge pickup I saw on the streets of Portland Maine a couple years ago was on display, and I also bumped into Paul Cox who had a few bad-ass bikes in the show including AIM’s September cover bike. Actually got a pic of James sitting on the bike, pretty damn cool.

The weekend was a blast, and the first for Metallicas Orion Music + More event. These guys sure know how to throw a party, can’t wait for next years.


  1. StamfordRob says:

    The boys still know how to party! No Posers .. No Plastic.. Great to see a mix of the old school bikes and rods together. It shows its more than just running to the store for some bolt-on’s. It’s pounds of lead and sweat. Thanks for the pics!