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Myrtle Beach Rallies Remain Separate, Spring Rally Postponed

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Myrtle Beach Rallies Remain Separate, Spring Rally Postponed


The organizers of Myrtle Beach Bike Week, the spring and fall motorcycle rallies held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, plan on keeping the rallies separate. Confusion arose because of what seems to have been miscommunication between the organizers of the rallies. Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson dealership owner and rally organizer Phil Schoonover had announced last week that the rallies had been combined into a single rally. This change and announcement had not been discussed with Sonny Copeland, who trademarked “Myrtle Beach Bike Week,” or most other important figures behind the scenes, many of whom own the bars that host the bike week vendors and events.

The spring rally will now be held in summer on July 13–19, about two months later than its previous May 3–17 date. The second rally will continue to be held in fall with its original date, September 28–October 4.

Schoonover had also shared a new date of October 5–11 for this supposed combined rally. This date would have also been new for the fall rally, as it has traditionally ended on the first weekend of October.

Unlike the spring rally’s date change, a result of concerns over COVID-19, Schoonover’s motivation with the fall rally date shift was to increase vendor presence. The rally’s traveling vendors often attend the Bikes Blues & BBQ rally in Fayetteville, Arkansas, held the last week of September, partially overlapping with the traditional Myrtle Beach fall rally date. This new date would have better accommodated these vendors, according to Schoonover, granting them an extra day or two to be present at the Myrtle Beach fall rally.


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