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Nelson Rigg Weekender and Commuter Lite Tailbags

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Nelson Rigg Weekender and Commuter Lite Tailbags


Whether you need to pack a little or a lot, Nelson Rigg has you covered with an extensive line of tailbags, backrest bags, tankbags, trunk rack bags, and more. I recently tested two of the company’s new bags on two different motorcycles: the Route 1 Weekender backrest rack bag on an Indian Chieftain and the Commuter Lite tail bag on a Harley-Davidson Sport Glide.
The smaller of the two, the Commuter Lite, measures 11″ long x 10″ wide, is 6.5″ high and expands to 8.5″ high. It holds 15.32 liters when expanded and 11.71 liters when compressed. It’s the perfect size to fit just what I need for the daily commute: sunglasses, gloves, rain suit, and lunch.

The larger bag, the Weekender, measures 14″ long x 13.5″ wide x 10″ high. It, too, is expandable, and grows up to 13″ high. The 40-liter expanded capacity is large enough for—you guessed it—a weekend’s worth of supplies. Even when not expanded, the 31-liter capacity will hold plenty of stuff. In fact, a full face helmet fits comfortably inside with room to spare, even without expanding the bag.

The Weekender and Commuter Lite are made of durable ballistic nylon, called UltraMax, and have semi-rigid construction, maintaining their shape even when empty. The UltraMax material has been through three years of testing, and boasts extreme UV protective qualities and is water- and abrasion-resistant. Because Nelson Rigg stands proudly by this material, UltraMax products carry a lifetime warranty.

Both bags have reflective piping, lined interiors, and come with separate waterproof rain covers. The bags are affixed to the motorcycle by included adjustable quick-release straps that run under the seat or around a secure point on the motorcycle. The Commuter Lite straps attach to the bag via quick-release buckles, but the Weekender’s straps are permanently attached.

The Commuter Lite’s small footprint fits perfectly on the Sport Glide’s passenger pillion, and I’m certain it will work with many other American cruisers, even though Nelson Rigg markets this bag more for sportbikes with small pillions and tail sections.
The Weekender can also sit firmly on a passenger pillion or mounted to a luggage rack and has a solid base so it won’t sag. Both bags include anti-slip base material, sturdy zippers with easy-to-use pull tabs, and small eyelets that you can lock closed.

The Weekender features two outer pockets that I find useful for things like a disc lock, eyeglass cleaner, sidestand puck, and stuff I want easy access to. The lid’s interior includes a zippered compartment that holds paper and flat malleable items nicely.

The Commuter Lite features a molded lid with carbon-like accents. The interior portion of this lid includes a zippered mesh compartment, good for storing the rain cover and a few other small sundries. The main compartment includes two crossed elastic straps which are helpful for keeping your stuff from rolling around inside.

The Commuter Lite includes a flush-mounted reflective carry handle and an adjustable carry strap. The Weekender is awkward to carry, though, as it has no carry handle or shoulder strap—my only critique of the bag itself.

Nelson Rigg has been making top-quality motorcycle luggage for more than 30 years. You’re sure to find the right size and shape that works for your motorcycle at NelsonRigg.com. Be sure to measure the footprint of your motorcycle’s passenger pillion or luggage rack and browse through all the offerings, even if it’s not marketed for your type of motorcycle. AIM

Nelson Rigg Route 1 Weekender

Nelson Rigg Commuter Lite Tailbag


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