New American Chopper – Senior vs Junior

Ironically enough – I found this in the Fox News Home and Garden Section of a news search… Thought it was pretty funny.

Here’s the link to the full story

To quote Junior: “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior,” debuts August 12th. Separate crews are shooting at Paulie’s new design and bike shop as well as at OCC. “We don’t communicate. The film crews don’t communicate. We’re filming two different shows and TLC is going to integrate them. How, I don’t know.”


  1. Joni denis says:

    I really cannot comprehend what Sr tries to accomplish by berating Jr. He cried when Gus died he didn’t go to Jr. wedding and then has the nerve to be upset when Jr. Didn’t hold his hand for Helena funeral. Paulie hugged him and told Sr. He loved him. Paulie needed to grow up dispute the role model he was given. Jr. Rose to the occasion and has shown grace and respect to the members of PJD ,family, even those who obviously chose to be awful (odie) non clients who “chose” OCC . It is always great to see the previous choppers who are on PJD now ; almost a complete set , just missing the Ricker! My husband has a collection of bikes, we watch the show every week designing used to be collaborative not jasonville that has weakened OCC for sure.

  2. How can a father take pleasure in dis-respecting a son. Senior is such a selfish mean spirited person. I know there are two sides to every debate but atleast Jr maintains dignity and does not act like a 5 year old. I just can’t believe it when i see Sr cut his son down in front of the nation. He is the definiton of a bad father. What a jerk.

  3. Jackson Vile says:

    ——————-Reality bites and the free rides are over!—————–

    Paul Jr. has needed to go on his won for some years now 1) due to needing to grow up and learn how to be fully responsible in the work place and to do said work 2) To be able to fully explore his artistic/designing “gift” 3) to get the credit for the “actual” work he does. Pauly is no saint that is for sure and did his fair share to sour the pot, Vinnie can attest to that first hand.

    When it comes down to it, it is physiologically evident that Paul Sr. had a very very bad childhood. Are his parent responsible? I don’t know the answer, however the fact remains that Paul has some very deep seeded issues with trust, control, adversity, and more. All of this leads Paul to project his problems on to his sons. In a sense Paul is taking everything that is wrong/bad in himself and his life and putting that into this son’s.

    No one wins in the situation, and sadly Paul Sr. has the attitude that if he isn’t getting his full way than no one will get anything, period.

  4. L Pombriant says:

    I have to write after watching “Fired”
    My family and I have been watching from the very beginning and have put up with listening to Sr because we lovel to see the awesome bikes.
    I can’t believe Odie would treat Paul Jr that way, after Jr gave him the chance to be lead on the four wheeler. He blew it, he had a great job! He was disrespectful and rude and he did not walk out, he WAS FIRED!! Let’s see if Sr. will watch and then get rid of the weasle!!!
    As for both lawsuits, it’s just plain stupid. The Faro people came to PJD not OCC because they wanted a great bike, not something just slapped together.
    Paul Sr needs to go with his sons to the thereapist because he never lets them get a word in! If he can sit and listen to what they have to say they’ll be part of the way there!!
    As for that idiot Lee, he wasn’t doing his job and Paul Jr nicely asked him to concentrate on one task before starting another, and then to go to Sr and whine, he’s an idiot!
    On one show Sr actually said that PJD couldn’t put out the quality they do and they couldn’t be more WRONG!!

  5. I for one am getting tired of watching all of that back biteing from senior and busting doors and throwing crap all over.It is time to turn the show over to Jr. and get on with some good bike building or both get off of the air.

  6. Paul Sr. If you read this. Go back and re watch the episode where you talked about starting to build bikes with Jr. Watch how you talked about how wrong you were for not being there when they were young and you were on the bottle. Watch how you bragged about Jr designing the bikes. Listen to your own words and then think. You dont talk to all three of your sons. Is it them? All three? Or MAYBE is it you? Its lonely at the top when you have no one to enjoy it with but yourself.

  7. mike duclos says:

    im one of your biggest fans, have watched just about every show. Paul Sr. i know how a pet can be like family and make a decision of amputation really sucks, not knowing what’s going on also is scary but if i can remember correctly and you look back on the old shows i dont think you cried as much for your sons as you have for gus, no disrespect. as far as mikey goes or any of this, i know opinions are like assholes everyone has one BUT you should go to therapy or a neutral counselor with your sons at least to try and you will know at the end of it all that you went all the way to try to resolve this situation. again a big fan, hope the show continues without the vs. between your two names. and a big big shout out to mikey, you’re awesome.

  8. mike duclos says:

    this goes out to Jr. and Sr. with Paul Sr’s experience & lifetime of building bikes behind him and Jr. with your ability to create and imagine such beautiful bikes, you both have created a great future for both of you and your families. Paul Sr. you know the company has something in it worth more than 20%. Paul Jr. is definitely owed what’s coming to him for the WORK THAT HE HAS DONE TO (HELP) create such an empire for Paul Sr. As for all the bad talking and bullshit being said by Paul Sr. it’s ridiculous, shameful, immature, petty, some is unbelievable and I believe that Paul Sr. whatever in AA or not or what’s in the red-cups, no one knows, i personally don’t care.

  9. Let me guess: Jr. and Sr.(and Vinnie) make amends and reunite under one roof by the 2nd to last episode. Sr. will continue to drink his mystery juice in the red cups. Come on SR. get a little product placement gig from Budweiser while your at it. Those bloodshot peepers aren’t coming from drinking Iced Tea.

    Believe it when you here the storyline is scripted.

  10. Bob Fontes says:

    Sr. can only survive with the puppies that lap at his heels and use the computer graphics to do all the work. Jr was designing and imagining bikes from the get go and some of the roar of the engines could barely shut his old man up. Glad they brought Mikey in to keep the peace.

    I wish Jr. success and glad to see Vinnie is back on board; he along with Paul Jr. make a great team which will produce great bikes. The lackey’s at OCC can only live on the reputation that Jr. set up for them and as for Sr. saying Jr. is reaching out to his vendors – hey free enterprise baby quit crying and live with the heat. If it wasn’t for your son, you would not be the man you are and would probably still be sitting in an AA meeting somewhere!

  11. zachary daniels says:

    I wish Paul JR. and Mike the very best and hope corporate businesses will give these two guys theme bikes to build. Paul Sr. is an ass!

  12. Stephen T says:

    Senior is a loud mouth bully who has bragged that he does not speak to any of his sons! How sad is that? Sad for him! What a douche bag. He is jealous of the talent that his own son, Junior, has when it comes to designing bikes. OCC would be out of business without the tv show infusing money into the business due the chopper business being way down. I’ll bet Senior can barely pay his overhead on the new building by just selling bikes.

  13. Rob Barton says:

    Had to laugh at how SR went on and on about JR and the guys around him looked like the definitely wanted him to just go away.

    Senior is an ass. What more is there to say?

  14. scott salisbury says:

    well i give kudo’s to jr. it’s about time he shuts that loud mouth barking father of his up. his dad can sit there and trash paulie on camera all he wants saying he built his company to what it is. but truth be told, with out paulie and his eye for design he has, from the build of the jet bike, to the black widow bike, to the fire bike, and on and on, sr. was an unknown basically. some guy that owned an ironworks business, that made a few custom bikes of his own, which in my opinion weren’t all that great.

    when it comes down to it, from the television viewing stand point, alls i ever saw sr do was sit in an office and bark orders and threaten that “heads will fly”. and when he did get his hands dirty and try and fabricate a bike, it came out like the christmas bike, the ugliest thing i ever saw on two wheels.

    sure he “helped” on the p.o.w bike, but he had other people like campo and rick doing most of the fabricating. when has sr actually sat there and fabricate, from start to finish, a bike? the old school bike he did with cody? yippee, that one didnt take much to build. a run of the mill everyday bike. i wasn’t to impressed by it. sure jr had help on the bikes he designed and built, im not saying he didn’t, but jr was involved in the fabrication and design of them bikes, to the end, more then sr. ever has been on any bike. for the most part he would stand around, bark orders around, throw a wrench or two around the shop, slam a door, and try to assert his authority around occ, but not much else. it got really old seeing it.

    now sr is talking alot of trash, distancing himself from his son’s, thinking he is god when it comes to motorcycle building. wether or not he likes it, occ is paulie!! paulie made occ what it is today. not sr. paulies eye for designing and fabrication. he likes to take alot of credit, where credit isn’t due. sr let fame and fortune change him. all his talk about family this and family that, being the most important thing in life, what a hypocrite. now he doesnt have a relationship with his kids, but he still has his “empire” “he” built. what a joke.

    i used to like the show, thought it was funny when they’d argue and they would blame each other for this or that, but it got old. and the bigger occ got, the bigger sr’s head got. time for paulie to put the old man in his place and show him what’s what.