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New Blood

Steve Lita American Iron Magazine Editor
Steve Lita American Iron Magazine Editor

Steve Lita, American Iron Magazine Editor

…not to worry, the same regulars you know and love will remain with us

It’s been an exciting few weeks around here, at least from the point of view from my desk. Not sure you realized it, but we have only four weeks between issues; that’s not a lot of time, and we sometimes can barely get the issue done. Throw in the production of our sister publication, American Iron Garage, and it gets even tighter. We try to work a few months ahead, and that can lead to a monotonous assembly line process. But we also don’t want the content of American Iron Magazine to become stale. So, the goal was set to bring some new talent to our ranks. Flip a few more pages and you’ll notice a new guest columnist, Brittney Olsen, on page 24. Adding her to the rotation of guest columnists was Buzz’s idea for a new perspective, and we’re glad Brittney has taken up the challenge to write about her vintage racing adventures. Seriously campaigning a racing effort takes tons of time and energy, which seems to be in short supply for everyone these days. So, we want to take a moment and thank Brittney for bringing us along for the ride.

In the quest for bringing on new writers, I had a harebrained idea a few issues ago to run a small ad in the back of Issue #360 (page 61) to attract new writing talent to American Iron Magazine. My hope was that a professional-appearing advertisement would attract professional talent and be more effective than just some vague post on social media stating: “Send in your pictures and stories” (which never really yields anything useful). And, dare I say, it’s paying off.

My email inbox has new names popping up every day. While some incoming emails are vague (“Yo, I wanna write for you guys”) with no mention of credentials or accomplishments and no demonstration of writing talent, others take the opportunity seriously and seek us out prepared to present. I especially appreciate the queries from professional writers who have legitimate story proposals attached.

There is a learning curve on the part of the new writer to figure out how we need material presented and to become familiarized with our style. That means a bit of hand-holding while I’m trying to get what we need. Meeting this new crop of talented potential contributors has me excited about what stories we’ll see coming in soon. I’ve actually turned the situation around; instead of doling out assignments, I’m asking writers to come up with the story ideas. I’m hoping for some fresh, entertaining material to present to you, our readers.

For those who are averse to change, not to worry, the same regulars you know and love will remain with us. Donny’s Techline, Dain’s new bike reviews, Babchak’s classics, Hog Helpline, and even former editor Chris Maida are still in the mix. Actually, Chris was in town for a visit and stopped by the office not long ago. It was like he never moved away. And he’s growing his beard back! Only long time readers of American Iron Magazine will know what he looks like now.

Check out page 62 for the David Mann Chopperfest event report from talented West Coast motojournalist Ed Subias. Even though the event was held on the nation’s newest pseudo-sales-holiday, Super Bowl Sunday, it didn’t stop Ed from attending the event. I had the pleasure of hanging with Ed at Bonneville Speed Week last year. Ed summed it up, “Yeah. Good times.” He can shoot pictures, he can do interviews, he can get the story. I’m stoked to see Ed’s name in our pages, and we’re expecting another piece from Ed real soon. Stay tuned.

Brittney’s and Ed’s contributions are the start of some good times for American Iron Magazine readers as well. I dare not write the names of any of the other new writers we’re courting out of fear of jinxing myself, but like I said at the beginning, it’s been an exciting couple of weeks around here. And with that all-too-short four-week turnaround, you’ll be seeing their wordsmanship and photography on these pages real soon.