New Harley Magazine From American Iron Magazine Teach Team

The crew at American Iron Magazine has been hard at work on more projects that you might have guessed. In addition to the monthly American Iron Magazine flagship Harley magazine, and RoadBike we launched Motorcycle Bagger as a bimonthly (6 issues in 2011) Harley magazine.

Now we are leaking news about yet another new Harley magazine – American Iron Garage –  in the works that goes on sale May 17, one short month from today.

This newest addition to the American Iron family of Harley magazines, a special one-shot, newsstand only special issue, is called American Iron Garage.

American Iron Garage not included in subscriptions for American Iron Magazine and will be sold in most stores that sell American Iron Magazine and/or Motorcycle Bagger. As the name implies, this new test issue is aimed at the do-it-yourselfer – from first time novice to experienced tinkerer. We will show you, step-by-step, how to buy a used Harley and install a number of popular bolt-on items ranging from exhaust systems to fairings, brakes and more.

If you love tinkering on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and are looking for some guidance from a recognized authority, you can thank the American Iron Magazine team for this special issue. We cover applications for Harley bagger motorcycles, Softail Harleys, Sportster motorcycles and more in this issue.


  1. We are actively looking into it and hope to offer digital versions of American Iron Magazine, Motorcycle Bagger and RoadBike sometime in 2012. Sorry for the delay, but we really want to do it right.

  2. Steve Williams says:

    Unlucky for some but, even less for us HD riders working overseas. No copies in my local supermarket here in Saudi Arabia.
    When will the magazine become DIGITAL?
    I can then subscribe and have it delivered to my PC. I’m already geting CW & MC through

  3. Hey Tim, you can pick up American Iron Garage at it’s cover price of only $5.99 at If you’re having any trouble getting an issue at that price please let us know and we’ll make sure the issue is resolved.
    Link to

  4. Tim Laubhan says:

    And Grease rag gets 9-10 dollars to send 1 magazine? I’m still looking for Garage but won’t spend $9-10. Periodicals should send for $3-4.

  5. Sorry you are having a tough time finding American Iron Garage. We have heard reports of it selling out fast in many stores. It is aslo available on line at

  6. kent merrill says:

    have had no luck locating this mag am about to give up been to walmart bn and no luck and am very disappointed

  7. Mike Bober says:

    Please accept my apologies, I could have sworn Chris Maida’s editorial in the most recent issue stated April 17th was the on sale date.

  8. Thanks for the support but you are looking WAY too soon as this our new American Iron Garage is still at the printers and goes on sale May 17 – almost a month from now. Sorry for any confusion. I have gone back and bolded the on sale info on the initial post.

  9. Mike Bober says:

    I have been looking forward to AIM garage, I am a subscriber to AIM and I think it’s a great mag.I’ve been to no fewer than 6 stores in the last 2 days looking for the Garage, invluding Borders books and have had no luck finding it. Is it available in the Cleveland area. I’ve gotta say that I’m disappointed to say the least.