New How-To & Tech Harley Magazine Coming

More details to follow, but we at American Iron Magazine have been very busy building the regular issues of American Iron Magazine and launching the new Motorcycle Bagger Harley magazine as a bimonthly magazine. And we are also publishing RoadBike motorcycle cruiser magazine.

In their spare time (Chris Maida and Joe Knezevic are now insomniacs) we are creating and launching a brand new concept in Harley magazines that goes on sale in May. This will be a one time newsstand special that is not included with subscriptions.

All I can say about this new magazine is that is is all about the wrenching. It is chock full of tech, how-to, installs, upgrades and more for Harley enthusiasts. And there are a couple of wonderful surprises too. More details to follow in a week or three.

Don’t you just hate it when a magazine editor teases you like this? 🙂


  1. I will be sold in most stores that sell American Iron Magazine. And we will also have copies for sale at if you cna’t find a copy locally. We suspect it will sell out fairly fast. More details to follow.

  2. Spike Davis says:

    Where will the tech magazine be sold at?thanx,Great idea

  3. In the old days most Harley riders knew their way around a wrench. Now not so much. Thanks to the American Iron crew for helping change this one rider at a time. I can always count on you guys to do it right. Wish more other magazines knew what they were doing instead of sharing bad info.

  4. Marty Smith says:

    Can’t wait for this! AI has always had good tech articles, but finding how-to’s and tips/tricks for older bikes that aren’t quite old enough to be considered “Vintage” or “Antique” is a difficult proposition at best!