Harley Video Section Coming to AIMAG.COM

American Iron Magazine┬ájust returned from a very successful V-Twin Expo, and we’re excited to be launching a new stream of videos featuring some cool things seen throughout the year from shows like the V-Twin Expo, Daytona, Sturgis, and many many more! Every week with AIMAG.com, MotorcycleBagger.com, and RoadBikeMag.com you can find great new content to keep coming back to check out.

Here’s a peak of our Editor – Chris Maida sitting with Rosie from Thunder Max as they talk EFI and riding.

You can have your video posted on AIMAG.COM – just email your videos/ links into us .

Comments on what you’re looking to see in the videos we post? Send us another email or go post something in forums!


  1. We are soon going to put up “Cycle Shooters” a wedsite featuring photos and video of past rallies and events as far back as 2003 and all the new and current events. We go to as many as our schedule permits.

    I hate to sound like a smart-ass but guys…that video of Chris is embarassing!! I’ll be happy to do your videos’ free if you pay expenses for crying out loud. We have been in business around 25 years and riding lots longer.

    Great rag and keep up the good work…which brings me to my offer for videos. It is for real. Incidently, my wife is the lead photographer and does excellent work especially at the rallies. We really enjoy shooting bike stuff.

    Let me know if you would be interested in watching the ill-fated Charleston, S.C. rallies 2004 and 2005. It was called the Heritage Rally and was a damn shame it had to go out like it did.

    Sorry, I get a little verbose from time to time.