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Motorcycle News OCC Fallout Reaches New Depths


Motorcycle News OCC Fallout Reaches New Depths


Paul Teutul Sr

The oldest son from “American Chopper” has escalated the war against his father by opening up a rival motorcycle business — and he’s making the whole thing incredibly personal.

Sources say that Paul Teutul Jr. is starting a competing shop to go head-to-head with his dad’s Orange County Choppers shop.

But here’s the catch — Junior has recruited a bunch of disgruntled employees who left his dad’s place … including his brother Mikey Teutul and friends Vinnie DiMartino, Robert “Nub” Collard and Joe Puliafico

Paul Teutul Sr., seen here in this photo, was last heard muttering “Boot up their ass, boot up their ass…….”



  1. Scott February 23, 2011

    The same people that made them famous have created their problems. Word of advice for Senior and Junior, Get away from the spotlight. You NO longer need them. They are destroying everything you once enjoyed doing together. To the producers, have you taken enough yet? If this IS all for the cameras, your cheapening the real world master fabricators out here…Go bleed someone else for awhile..

  2. Doug December 8, 2010

    This whole thing is a joke. Its drama by the producers. They are out of ideas & know the public likes a good fight. UFC with cresent wrenches.
    Paul Jr is looking more like fat ass Mikey as time goes by. Mikey is simply a fat lazy slob. They wanted people to think Mikey is an artist. OMG have you seen his work??
    Sr look sickly to me. I am afraid he may have cancer of some type. I truly hope not but hes’ lost muscle mass & just looks bad. I dont hear a word about his health.
    How is it that these pro? bike builders cant build ONE bike on time? Or without all the drama & mistakes??? Producers have built the drama into the show for the public.
    I dont watch it much anymore. It gets old.

  3. little big man August 9, 2010

    HI L.B.M. DO you no how TLC are going to film the new show.what am I going on about. do I hear you say.well two bike shops no bickering or badmouthing what are TLC going to film.I know I am not a TV FILM MAKER but what about something like bike builds now that sounds good to me.AND AS I SAID I AM NOT A TV FILM MAKER.is that good or is that good.so from me L.B.M. AUG.9.2019.stay safe on your wheels guys and ladies too.Manchester England.

  4. little big man July 10, 2010

    hi just want to say 1 or 2 things.who puts all the over the top head lines.as this .MOTERCYCLE NEWS OCC FALLOUT REACHES NEW DEPTHS over the top or what.and ther is mooer wait for it .PAUL JNR HAS ESCALATED YES ESCALATED THE WAR YES THE WAR AGAINST HIS FARTHER.is all this over and i mean well over the top.could it be that paul jnr loves bikes he as built them for years.and as been away from them for a time and would like to get back to what he does best building bikes.he as worked with bikes from being a kid.so he gets his own bike shop.and.all hell sets off.he is free now to do as he wants.so go paul jnr.from L.B.M.july.10.2010.stay safe on your wheels guys and lades too.ps god bless our boys over seas.manchester england.

  5. little big man July 1, 2010

    Are things geting a little outa hand. Its good that paul jr is opening his own bike shop witch is good news i no he will do well, and i hope he finds something for mikey. It looks like jr has a good team, but what do you say about paul sr, he sues his own son. What do you say? I don’t know when the 2 bike shops get going then we will see. For now, stay safe on your wheels guys and ladies too. From manchester england. ps god bless our boys over seas july, 1, 2010.

  6. little big man May 25, 2010

    we all seem to have difrent things to say about occ.but we donot know what is going on.is it just tv or sr and jr do not get on.who knows we all seem to watch occ so itake it we are all in to bikes.im an old dad and grandad.i love bikes the wind in your face lets you feel good and alive.any way thats it from me for now.be safe on your wheels.may the great spirts be with you all.little big man manchester england.

  7. little big man May 17, 2010

    Who can say what’s going on with the Teutules. Is it just a tv thing, or are things really as bad as portrayed? As an old guy, I love bikes riding or watching bikes being built. Sr always gives Jr a hard time, who knows if it’s for the show or for real. I would love to see OCC as it was in the beginning, before Pauley and Mikey left. Its just not the same without them. lets hope when they start the new show it’s worth the wait. May the great spirit be with you all. From little big man in Manchester England.

  8. six jones May 9, 2010

    These bikes aren’t built very well anyway. Anyone who rides one should really consider having them safety checked by a certified mechanic. These bikes have been known to fall apart as they ride down the street.

  9. Frank May 6, 2010

    Yeah sr. came down pretty hard at times, but you know what… he was right most of the time. They are running a business. Jr. has a ways to go in realizing just what that takes. I hope it works out for them, they both made some pretty sweet bikes.

  10. marc April 30, 2010

    Yes, no one knows what’s really going on. If they’re doing a scripted act then shame on them. If that’s how they have to act to keep a show, then there wasn’t any talent there anyway. Sr builds bikes because he’s passionate about it. Rick Petco has true talent, as someone who hand forms tanks and other parts I can relate to what he does. Paul Jr. and Mikey, are attention whores who can’t do anything unless they’re the center of attention!

  11. "T" April 29, 2010

    Typical Iron worker biker, that’s just the way they are in real life.

  12. Pat April 27, 2010

    First of all, it’s just television. Nobody on the outside can possibly know with 100% certainty what was going on inside OCC.

    That being said, there did appear to be some strife between father and sons, and at times all behaved like class-1 Aholes. But who really knows? It could have all been scripted like professional wrestling.

    Paul Jr. may possess some talent and creativity but I would be surprised if he could run a lemonade stand. He just looks like the perfect government employee. Both sons just carried this aura of superiority and entitlement about them. The both struck me as lazy too.

    Whatever happens, I wish them all good health and success.

  13. marc April 25, 2010

    I think SR should have put a boot to the ass of his 2 lazy sons along time ago they are riding off the coat tails of his efforts and too ungrateful to admit they are wrong!

  14. Bob April 23, 2010

    GO back and watch all old episodes, it’s Junior’s vision, SR has taken it to a parts catalog custom bike shop, yeahhhh original

  15. Rob April 22, 2010

    Then again, do you think it might be some type of ploy to get more viewers back? First the son starts his own shop, brings in all the people that worked at the old shop, starts his own show, and then “pop” comes there to make amends with all of them and they start a whole new season. Remember you heard it here first, if it happens!

  16. Rob April 22, 2010

    You’re so right Brian! Paul Sr. pretty much asked for it the way he treated everyone, like crap, and that is just what we saw on television. I’d love to know what happened behind the scenes.
    Hey Paul Sr., I hear Jon from “Jon and Kate” is free, and he’s in your neighborhood!

  17. Brian April 21, 2010

    gee like he didn’t see that coming.