Official 2017 Bike Week Build: Arlen Ness Bagger Apes, Hill Country Custom Cycles Wires

Arlen Ness Modular 13" Bagger Apes and 10-Gauge Billet Grips

A set of Arlen Ness Modular 13″ Bagger Apes and 10-Gauge Billet Grips complement the cleaner, more modern look of the 2017 Official Daytona Bike Week Motorcycle.

Come March 18, somebody is going to be shouting from the rooftops! Why’s that, you say? Because that’s the day someone will have won the keys to the 2017 Official Daytona Bike Week Motorcycle, that’s why. March 18 is the day when the winning name will be drawn at Riverfront Park in Daytona Beach for the customized 2010 Harley Ultra that’s undergone a transformation from a stock bike to a one-off collectible custom.

The build wouldn’t be possible without the talented team from Street Stuff Cycle out of Norwich, CT. The Crayson family has stepped up huge in putting this bike together and American Iron is proud to have partnered with them. They’ve impressed us with their skills while giving this bike a complete overhaul, from wiring to bodywork to paint.

And when we say this thing’s been given the complete overhaul, we mean it. This includes doing away with the stock bars for a set of Arlen Ness Modular 13” Bagger Apes. Not only do the Ness bars give the bike an edgier, more aggressive look, but they can easily be tailored to a rider’s preference thanks to billet aluminum junction clamps. This allows riders to adjust the angle of the controls to the most comfortable position in addition to the entire handlebars capacity to be moved forward or back. The Ness bars are drilled and slotted so you can run wiring internally, keeping everything clean and tidy. And what better to pair the Modular 13” Bagger Apes with than a set of Arlen Ness 10-Gauge Billet Grips?

Hill Country Custom Cycles brake hoses

The 2017 Official Daytona Bike Week Motorcycle receives new brake hoses and wires courtesy of Hill Country Custom Cycles.

Since the bars were already set up to run all the wiring internally, that’s exactly what Street Stuff did. Instead of reusing the old wires though the 2010 Harley Ultra got a fresh set from Hill Country Custom Cycles. Hill Country has some great complete ape hanger kits, but since we already had some Ness Bagger Apes we opted for a fresh set of wires and brake hoses. We weren’t kidding when we said this bike’s been gone over with a fine tooth comb!

So how do you go about winning this bike? Go to and buy your ticket! Tickets are $50 each, but if you buy two, you get an extra entry into the drawing. You don’t have to be present to win and only 4500 tickets will be sold. Thing is, this drawing is going to be held whether all the tickets sell or not, and the odds right now are pretty darn good! Time’s a tickin’ so get you ticket today.

Hill Country Custom Cycles wires

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Luckily Eric Crayson of Street Stuff Cycles was on top of things while rewiring the 2010 Harley Ultra with a fresh set from Hill Country Custom Cycles.

Arlen Ness Modular 13” Bagger Apes – $449.95
Arlen Ness 10-Gauge Billet Grips in Black – $139.95
Hill Country Custom Cycles – Handlebar wires and brake hoses