Official 2017 Daytona Bike Week Build: Harley-Davidson Genuine Accessories

Harley Slotted Black Anodized Shift Linkage

A Slotted Black Anodized Shift Linkage from Harley-Davidson is installed on the 2017 Official Daytona Bike Week Motorcycle.

While Christmas may be over, it’s going to feel a lot like Christmas come March for whoever wins the 2017 Official Daytona Bike Week Motorcycle. American Iron has been overseeing the project as the team at Street Stuff Cycle has been busy transforming a stock 2010 Harley Ultra into a sweet one-off, top-shelf tourer. The raffle is limited to 4500 tickets with the winner slated to be drawn March 18, 2017, at Riverfront Park on Beach Street in Daytona Beach.

The project is coming together nicely thanks to a slew of new parts from Arlen Ness Enterprises, Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation, and Cobra USA. Seeing how the base model is a 2010 Ultra, not having some pieces out of the monstrous Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts + Accessories catalog would be sacrilegious. The Motor Company was more than happy to step up and support the project, and sent over a pair of Burst Shifter Pegs and a Burst Brake Pedal Pad for starters. The new Harley Slotted Black Anodized Shift Linkage looks sharp, and we “can see clearly now” thanks to a set of Fairing Mount Mirrors that slipped right in to the Ultra’s Batwing fairing. Harley-Davidson also sent over a host of replacement gaskets, including the primary cover, rocker cover, head to rocker base gaskets, and ones for the head exhaust port.

Harley Burst Brake Pedal Pad

Harley Burst Brake Pedal Pad

Harley-Davidson Burst Shifter Peg

Harley-Davidson Burst Shifter Peg

Stay tuned as the transformation continues, including new gauges from Dakota Digital to a killer audio upgrade from ASA Electronics and Hog Tunes. Keep an eye out for articles on these additions coming soon. In the meantime, be sure to head over to and buy your tickets. Somebodies going to win this beauty. Why not you?

2017 Official Daytona Bike Week Motorcycle: 2010 Harley Ultra

Burst Brake Pedal Pad: Part #50600104A $59.95

Burst Shifter Peg: Part #33600032A $34.95

Fairing Mount Mirrors: Part #91945-98B $99.95

Slotted Black Anodized Shift Linkage: Part #34018-08 $129.95

Primary Cover gasket, Head to Rocker Base gaskets, Rocker Cover gaskets, Exhaust pipe gaskets (in head exhaust port)