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Our Magazine Plans & Harley Show In Daytona

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Our Magazine Plans & Harley Show In Daytona


Bring your bike and friends to the H-D Ride-In Custom Bike Show presented by American Iron Magazine.

This magazine (along with Motorcycle Bagger and RoadBike) is owned and published by TAM Communications. If you think that sounds like a big fancy corporation run out of impersonal offices in an ivory tower, you’d be wrong. My wife and I created TAM Communications in 1989 to publish Old Bike Journal in a spare bedroom (the garage was reserved for my motor­cycles). Gail and I still own and run the company 23 years later. Like you, I am passionate about motorcycles and spend an insane amount of time riding, wrenching, and discussing motor­cycles. I love my job and feel very fortunate to be here. Thanks.

As the best-selling Harley magazine in the world, you should expect more from us than other publications. As enthusiasts, our staff wants to offer the best in print, online, and in person. We have been working on a number of improvements around here, some we can discuss now and others will have to wait until we finalize them.

One area I can share now is that we want to increase our one-on-one experience with our readers and their bikes. We plan on doing this at various motorcycle events around the country. Another is to become more accessible to our readers online through Facebook and Twitter as well as on our web sites and forums.

Harley bagger fans should note we have increased the frequency of our Motorcycle Bagger from six to nine issues this year. We will continue to offer custom baggers, bagger reviews, and bagger tech in American Iron Magazine as we always have, but Motorcycle Bagger is dedicated to the subject, if you can’t get enough in AIM.

I am not sure on the timing, but in response to many requests: yes, we are looking into offering subscriptions to our magazines in a digital format on tablets and smart phones soon.

Daytona Harley-Davidson Show
We love to meet readers and check out what they ride. So I’m pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Harley-Davidson for a free custom and classic bike show in Daytona during Bike Week. If you are thinking about going to Daytona Bike Week with your Harley, I’d like to invite you to bring your bike and friends to the Harley-Davidson Ride-In Custom Bike Show presented by American Iron Magazine.

This event, with classes from mild to wild, old and new, will be on Wednesday, March 14, at the Harley-Davidson Experience at Riverfront Park on North Beach Street. Our staff and I will be there to photograph a number of bikes to feature in our magazines. For more details visit www.AIMag.com or www.Harley-Davidson.com/Daytona.

The Daytona show should be a nice balance to the dealer-built bikes from the American Iron Magazine-sponsored custom motorcycle show at the dealer-only American V-twin trade show in Indianapolis in February. And if you can’t get to either of these shows, we will also be sponsoring the J&P Cycles Open House bike shows in Iowa on June 23 and 24. As I said earlier, we really do like meeting our readers and sharing their bikes in print. And I suspect you do, too. That’s why we go to all kinds of motorcycle events around the country with our cameras.

Ride safe, ride smart, have fun.

Buzz Kanter    
American Iron Magazine

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