Paughco’s Custom Drop Seat Motorcycle Chassis

Paughco-framePaughco’s exclusive drop seat chassis provides great lines and a perfect 23-1/2″ seat height. The new right-side drive frames accept 300-class rear tires and feature a 1-3/4″ backbone stretch, 2″-diameter single front leg, and 1-3/4″ diameter tubular swingarm. Additionally, the chassis comes with a 1″ hidden axle assembly and integral forward control mounts. Goin’ Pro-Street? Try the model with 5″ stretch in the backbone and 38-degree neck rake. The chopper version, shown here, has 4″ in the backbone, 7″ in the front leg, and 38-degree neck rake. Info: Paughco, 775/246-5738,


  1. robert Chandler says:

    Myself as well as some others could use just that style of seat for many custom drop seat frames on the market ,I could use one right now and have completed two other builds which would have been a perfect fit. Folks are using spring type solo seats on custom soft tail frames or having seats made up for the cost of ones morgage.