Paul Jr. Designs Uses Innovative Von Braun Exhaust Muffler

As the leading innovator in the Molecular Diagnostics market, Cepheid thought it would be interesting and exciting to team up with the foremost theme motorcycle designer to highlight their remarkable, potentially lifesaving equipment. Emphasizing that “innovation” was the primary objective for the build, Paul Teutul Jr. contacted Von Braun Exhaust owner Charles Giordano to discuss one of the projects most salient features: the exhaust system.

“Paul conveyed to me what his client did, how their products help people, and how the innovative technology behind Cepheid separates them from the other companies in their industry. We discussed his overall concept for the bike, and Paul asked me if I could help him incorporate an innovative muffler into the bike that would really capture and represent the brand. Given the bike’s unique proportions, I recommended a custom version of our Velocities model, which is super clean, highly technical, and reminiscent of a jet engine, which in turn highlights the speed of Cepheid’s systems. Paul was very enthusiastic, and as his clients entrust him to run with a project, he extended the same freedom to us. I think Paul Jr. designs did a wonderful job at capturing Cepheid’s unprecedented approach to medical diagnosis in a really fun and exciting way. And Cepheid is doing a fantastic job of helping people by developing, manufacturing, and marketing accurate yet easy-to-use molecular systems and tests. And Von Braun Exhaust is really thrilled to be a part of it.”