Pewter Run New England Classic Motorcycle Event

It’s with great pleasure we continue to celebrate the first fifty years of motorcycling in America, with the 2013 annual Pewter Run, on September 29th 2013. We will return to the Historic 1774 Nathaniel Rolfe House preserved by the Penacook Historical Museum at 11 Penacook St. Penacook, NH. This autumn we will welcome our brothers in vintage arms from the Kickstart Classic.

Pewter Run Poster

Buzz Kanter and the crew from American Iron Magazine and RoadBike will join us Sunday to celebrate the Pewter Run and The Kickstart Classic, sponsored by BAKER Drivetrain, GEICO, Spectro Oils, and Wrench, Ride Repeat® as they journey across New England. This very historic setting is in the heart of rural New England with its many historic villages, fine homes, old inns and winding country roads. The Pewter Run loosely patterned after two international “vintage” motorcycle events, the “Motogiro d’Italia” and the English “Branbury Run”. The Kickstart Classic and the Pewter Run are open to all makes and models of classic motorcycles.

The premiere “first of its kind” AMA sanctioned event is organized and hosted by the USCRA (United States Classic Racing Association), Americas oldest vintage motorcycle racing organization.  The route will wind its way approximately fifty miles through the back roads of New Hampshire and eventually back to the start for a gala social gathering and cookout celebrating early motorcycling.

The Pewter Run is a timed, non-speed, reliability road event for motorcycles built prior to 1959. Participants will follow a designated route at a low (25MPH) average speed where checkpoints will confirm their reliability and progress. Participation classes will separate the motorcycles into age categories for scoring. Pewter replicas will be awarded for completing the event in the prescribed time plus an allowable percentage. For complete event information, rules, classes and an entry form, visit Pewter Run.



  1. No, not a typo. This is a ride for classic motorcycles.

  2. Is “prior to 1959” a typo?