Pinion Gear Socket & Lock

The pinion gear locking tool

Back in 1985, when I closed my custom bike shop to get into high-performance aircraft, I sold off most of my specialty H-D engine tools.
What the hell was I thinking?

Of course, I didn’t sell off my regular tools, but there are some procedures on a bike that require a special tool. And though that’s more so the case on a Twin Cam, there are also procedures on the older models that require a specifically designed implement. One such task is removing and installing the pinion gear nut on a 1954-92 Big Twin engine. Actually, this job requires two tools to do it right: one to keep the pinion gear/shaft from turning, the other to remove and install the special pinion nut. And, yes, you can use various homegrown methods of doing this job, but you run the risk of damaging parts and/or not getting the nut torqued to the proper spec.

This made-in-the-US, black-anodized steel pinion nut socket ($25) works on 1954-92 Big Twins and fits a 1/2″-drive ratchet or torque wrench. The pinion gear locking tool ($71.50), which fits 1954-99 single-cam H-D engines, is needed to lock the pinion gear in place so you can get the pinion gear nut off or on, as the case may be. I’ve used both of these tools on various engine projects, and they worked very well.

Of course, George also makes a pinion gear removal and installer tool, but that’s another review. AIM

–Chris Maida, as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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