Price Trends For Collectible Classic Motorcycle

Last week it was announced that RM Auctions, a major player in the high end auto auctions, has “merged” with Bator Vintage Motorcycle Auctions, owned by Glenn Bator. If you are not keeping track, Glenn Bator bought the J. Wood auction company from my long time friend and racer Jerry Wood, taking over the long running auctions at Daytona Bike Week and other locations.

RM is moving Bator’s operation into its Auctions America division that had been established a couple of years ago to sell American muscle cars and customs that have been so hot the last few years.

I suspect RM owner Rob Myers now has his eye on the collectible motorcycle market, and if history of what happened with car prices at auction repeats itself in the motorcycle field we can expect some significant lift in prices of the best motorcycles.

So, if you are considering buying a high end collectible motorcycle, you might want to do it soon before the auction houses push the prices ever higher.

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