“Racer X” – Rick Petko’s Sons of Speed Board Tracker Preview

What do you get when you combine 100-year-old motorcycle design with a 21st century craftsman? A board tracker called “Racer X.”

The motorcycle in question was built by Rick Petko, a gifted bike builder, fabricator, and painter. While his talents were showcased to a national audience during his tenure with Orange County Choppers, these days he’s got his hands full running RPD & Co. (his own business), fabricating for Pocono Mountain Harley-Davidson, and raising a family. Somehow he still found time to build this incredible board tracker to race in Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed event.

Racer X board tracker by Rick Petko

“Racer X” features a 1919 Indian PowerPlus engine in a frame built by Lane. Petko says the 61 cubic-inch engine is pretty much original specs and is rated at 7 hp but he believes it delivers at least 9 or 10.

“When you’re down that low, every one counts,” he said with a laugh.

The tank design is from a 1925 Excelsior Super X. Petko had an original Super X tank but it wound up cracking when he began working on it because it was just soldered together. So he made a new tank copying the one he was going to use because Lane had already built a frame that perfectly housed a Super X tank. So that’s where the “X” in “Racer X” came from.

Rick Petko on Racer X board tracker

Rick Petko gives Racer X a shakedown!

*While Hurricane Matthew put a kibosh on the Sons of Speed races last weekend, the competition will now take place March 17 & 18 during Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017.

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