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Ready To Test New Indian Motorcycle Route Modular Helmet

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Ready To Test New Indian Motorcycle Route Modular Helmet


Editor-in-Chief Buzz Kanter is getting ready to take the long-term 2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic on a 6-day trip on a motorcycle tour article in American Iron Magazine. So he picked up this new Route Modular Helmet from Indian.

Indian Route Modular Helmet

He went with the modular because you never know what weather you need to deal with in the Northeast. Especially when summer starts turning to autumn as it is in the next few weeks.

Modular helmets should be effective in most riding conditions from hot to cold, sunny or overcast thanks to the front and back vents as well as the drop down shade and more. And all the hardware appears easy to operate with gloves on and while wearing the helmet.

Indian Route with front flipped up and shade down.

First impressions are good. The Route looks well designed and well made with plenty of venting options, a flip up front section and seperate internal shade. We expect a full report when Buzz gets back from his ride.