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Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Chronicles: Kuryakyn Mesh Collection

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Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Chronicles: Kuryakyn Mesh Collection

Kuryakyn Mesh Collection on Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Bagger 2017

News flash – it got jacked! The Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger was last seen heading down I-90 in the wee hours of the morning. Luckily, it was the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Lon Nordbye and Greg Smith who coordinated the heist. After months of searching, The Chip finally narrowed down its 2017 Poster Model to one lucky girl, Tawnielle Childs, who’s wasting little time settling in to her new role. Apparently The Chip did a photo shoot with Miss Childs and the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger and we hear it was smokin’ hot. We’ll see if we can’t get a hold of some of those photos to share with you somewhere down the line.

Meanwhile, Kuryakyn just released its all-new 2017 Catalog with over 400 new product releases. You’ll find many of those products on the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger, including several products from the company’s Mesh Collection. Launched in January, Kuryakyn says “The entire Mesh Collection incorporates multi-piece construction throughout. Most parts utilize a three-piece design integrating chrome or satin black aluminum outer frames with a satin black aluminum baseplate that’s exposed through satin black or chrome stainless steel mesh panels.” Hence the name.

RRR Street Glide 2017

You’ll find plenty of parts from Kuryakyn’s Mesh Collection on the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger including this Chrome Mesh Derby Cover. 

In the case of the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger, you’ll find the Mesh Collection on the Timing Cover Kuryakyn has created for Harley’s new Milwaukee-Eight engine, some of the first trim you’ll find for H-D’s new powerplant. On the flipside of the bike is a sharp-looking Chrome Mesh Derby Cover.

While these two covers are easy to spot, you have to look closely to appreciate the other items from the Mesh Collection, one because they’re satin black instead of chrome and two because they blend in so cleanly to the build they’re easy to overlook. But the difference between a good bike and great is in the details, right? Peek at the brakes and you’ll find Kurakyn Mesh Caliper Covers adding a sweet custom touch. Up on the bars are a Mesh Master Cylinder Covers for both the front brake and clutch. In the recess of the Batwing fairing you’ll see a Mesh Fairing Vent Intake. Head back to the bags, look close and you’ll find Kuryakyn Mesh Saddlebag Hinge Covers.

Kuryakyn and The Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Chronicles

In the recess of the Batwing fairing of the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger is Kuryakyn’s Mesh Fairing Vent Intake. 

Not sure how they’re going to pull it off seeing how the bike was just in Sturgis, but somehow they’re going to get it over to the East Coast just in time for Myrtle Beach Bike Week. It will be on display from 5/12 – 5/17 if you’re headed to the rally and would like to check it out. Maybe its potential buyer will be among that crowd as this thing’s for sale and will be going home with the highest bidder after the Sturgis Rally is over. Letting the bidding wars begin!