Roland Sands Design Ronin Motorcycle Jacket

0800-06L0-0002-RONIN-JACKET-2RSD_RONIN_JKT_BLKI don’t often review products, but once in awhile something catches my eye and I put in a request. That was the case when I saw the new line of Roland Sands clothing, particularly the Ronin jacket. I sent an e-mail to Chris (AIM‘s editor) asking that I be considered to review the Ronin riding jacket if we were contacted by RSD. To my surprise, moments after sending the e-mail, Chris walked into my office holding up a jacket from RSD and said, “Ya mean this one?”

The Ronin jacket is cut a bit smaller than my other jackets. I usually wear a large, but with the Ronin, the extra large fits like a glove. The arms are nice and long, perfect to wear while riding. The shell is made from soft, hand-waxed leather that looks vintage and worn, like you’ve owned this jacket for years.

Under each sleeve, from the armpit to about the elbow, is a perforated sleeve vent specifically placed to let in a nice breeze while in a riding position. There are four zip-close exterior pockets, a small change pocket on the right sleeve, two side pockets, and one pocket on the left chest. Each outside zipper pull has a good-sized leather tag allowing you to access exterior pockets while wearing riding gloves. The interior is made up of soft, gold satin poly lining, and there are also armor-ready pockets for shoulder, elbow, and back protectors.

The style of the Ronin jacket is what attracted me in the first place. It’s a subtle vintage café look available in three colors: Tobacco, Smoke, and the one I chose, black. There’s no glaring logo or slogan on the front or back, just a couple of small RSD logos on the collar snaps and a small Roland Sands branded under the left sleeve. It’s simple and elegant.

This is a well-constructed, well-fitted jacket with classic style and vintage appeal. Even with a $590 price tag, you definitely get what you pay for. AIM


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