Roland Sands Design Stoddard Flannel Review

RSD Stoddard Flannel Plaid Shirt

RSD Stoddard Flannel Plaid Shirt

Winter is here in southern Oregon but I still gotta ride. Just means it’s time to layer up. Which means I finally get to rock the RSD Stoddard Flannel I’ve been itching to wear all summer long.

Now, a good flannel is already fairly warm, but Roland Sand Design’s Stoddard is next level stuff. What differentiates it from any other flannel shirt, you say? It’s fully lined with Kevlar, that’s why. It’s also got nylon pockets sewn in to it for back, shoulder and elbow armor, which require you to either pull some out of a riding jacket that already has armor or purchase it separately. While garments that don’t already come with armor is a pet peeve, I do like the fact that the Stoddard at least offers an extra level of protection. In addition to the Kevlar liner there’s a traditional polyester liner sewn into the shirt. Then there’s the plaid cotton exterior that keeps me nice and toasty.

The RSD Stoddard has two button-down chest pockets and two hand pockets that are a little bigger and also button closed. The collar and cuffs likewise button-down, albeit the cuffs have two snaps so you can adjust for wrist size. The front has a convenient zipper, a smart choice because it doesn’t allow wind to creep in like a button front. The Stoddard fits true to size but following RSD’s recommendation I went a size up in case I want to slip in some armor. Even at 2X it fits me well as it hangs a couple inches below my waistline with the sleeves running down a bit over my wrists. The extra length is welcome when I hop into the saddle and stretch for the handlebars.

The cotton flannel shirt is machine washable but it’s best to hang it dry. Granted, I don’t wash it much because the majority of the time I wear it under my leather. By itself it’s fine to wear in the mid-50s but any colder than that and you’ll need another layer.

RSD Stoddard Flannel Plaid Shirt

The flannel shirt is comfortable and has lumberjack good looks so I frequently wear it to run around town even if I’m not riding. At $250, I’m going to get as much use out of it as I can! Scorpion and Speed and Strength offer comparable Kevlar-reinforced flannels at a lower price point but I’ve never worn them so I can’t attest to their quality. I can vouch for the quality of the RSD Stoddard though because it’s well-made and double-stitched at essential points including the cuffs, sleeves and shoulders. I have no doubt the Stoddard is durable enough to last a couple riding seasons at least, making the $250 price tag a little easier to swallow. Best of all, it’s helping to keep me riding during the winter months which help tip the scales of favorability.

RSD Stoddard Plaid Flannel Shirt – Small – 2X – $250