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Russ Brown & ROT Rally Team Up for the Daughters of Custom Build-Off

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Russ Brown & ROT Rally Team Up for the Daughters of Custom Build-Off


Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys has teamed up with the Republic of Texas (ROT) Rally to showcase the first-ever Daughters of Custom Build-Off. It’s a competition between three different father/daughter teams building three customs and yielding three motivational stories.

Team A: Sofi and George. In 2012, George was diagnosed with cancer and decided to fight back like hell. Part of his therapy, Sofi noticed, was not medical at all—it was working on his motorcycle. The two crafted the idea to build a custom every year as the work became something of tradition. They then raffle off the builds to raise money for children with cancer.

Team B: Austin and Ady. The pair represents the youngest tandem in the competition. Austin started building his first-ever custom when he was 23 years old, and it took him five years to finish. Ady, his 9-year-old daughter, gets a round of shop class every evening courtesy of dad—after all her schoolwork is finished, of course.

Team C: Roy and Nikki Martin of Roy’s Toys Customs (featured in American Iron Magazine). Roy founded his business over 20 years ago, yet he’s most proud of the work his daughter has accomplished when turning the wrenches. They’ll be working on a ’99 Kraft Tech frame with a 80″ Evo and a 21″ front wheel and 16″ rear.

For the full story on all the competitors and competition, head over to the Russ Brown blog here.


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