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Save Money And Have A Chance To Win A Harley

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Save Money And Have A Chance To Win A Harley



SHIFTING GEARS, by Buzz Kanter, Publisher

American Iron Magazine is committed to publishing 13 big issues again this year

Many magazines these days are jacking up their prices while cutting back on their product. We’re holding at 13 issues a year, publishing big, informative magazines, and reducing your costs. We all want to see motorcycling grow, especially with younger riders. But that’s not likely to happen if costs keep climbing.

I think I speak for most of us when I say times are tough and money is tight, but this isn’t the place to discuss why our economy is where it is. I’d rather share with you what we’re doing to add value for our readers and help you get more from your tight motorcycle budget. In return we only ask you to let others know how we’re helping and why.

Basically, there are four areas where we’re trying to benefit you, your wallet, and your motorcycle. The first is that we’re slashing the cover price of this magazine to under $5 an issue. Second, we’ve cut the subscription rate to under $25 (for all 13 issues!). Third, we’re increasing to four issues our Do-It-Yourself and Tech American Iron Garage. Fourth, we’ve teamed up with Dennis Kirk to give away a free custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy to some lucky reader.

Let’s start with our price cuts. American Iron Magazine continues to lead the market in sharing the best American (Harley, Indian, and Victory) motorcycles, products, and tech.

Effective with this issue, we slashed the cover price from $6.99 to $4.99 (a buck more in Canada). We haven’t been that cheap in 20 years!

Lower prices are good, but what about content? While some magazines are folding or cutting back on pages and frequency, American Iron Magazine is committed to publish 13 big issues again this year (a new one every four weeks) and do it with the best editorial anywhere.

The newsstand industry continues to consolidate, making it more difficult and expensive for publishers to distribute their magazines in stores. We’re still the best-selling motorcycle magazine on the newsstand, but if you can’t find us there, we encourage you to subscribe. We cut the sub rate to under $25 a year in print (in the US) and less than $20 in digital delivery (worldwide). To subscribe call 877/693-3572 or go to AImag.com.

Many of us enjoy doing our own motorcycle maintenance and upgrades. Besides the feeling of accomplishment, it can save us some real money. In response to the growing demand for this kind of editorial, we’re increasing the frequency of our all-tech and DIY American Iron Garage newsstand specials in 2016 to four issues, with the first one on sale January 19. Back issues of American Iron Garage are available at Greaserag.com and in digital delivery at AImag.com.
Now, I’m not sure how long we can offer these lower rates, but you can help us by encouraging other enthusiasts to buy our magazines or subscriptions. We think our readers are worth this gamble, but we need your active support to make it work. The more readers we add at these lower prices, the longer we can afford to offer them.

Win A Custom Harley
From Dennis Kirk who wouldn’t want to win a great custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy? Partnering with Dennis Kirk, we picked up a very nice Fat Boy for a year-long project bike. We will share the process of what we changed and how we customized it in the pages of American Iron Garage over the next four issues. Then, at the end of the year, one lucky person will win it.

This sweepstakes is open to all residents of the US, ages 18 and over, except where prohibited or restricted by law. All subscribers are automatically entered to win. So, if you don’t subscribe already, do it today. Or you can sign up to win without subscribing at AImag.com. It’s that simple.

Ride safe, ride smart, have fun.


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