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Sculptor Jeff Decker to Create ‘Wyman Cup’ Trophy for Motorcycle Cannonball Event


Sculptor Jeff Decker to Create ‘Wyman Cup’ Trophy for Motorcycle Cannonball Event


Sculptor Jeff Decker

Jeff Decker, an artist whose bronze-cast sculptures depicting the synergy of man and modern machines – particularly historic motorcycles – have garnered worldwide attention, has been commissioned to create a trophy for the Motorcycle Cannonball, a transcontinental endurance ride for pre-1916 classic motorcycles to be held September 10-26, 2010. The event starts in Kitty Hawk, NC and ends in Santa Monica. An international field of 70 riders, which includes Decker, is set to participate.

Working at his Hippodrome Studio in Springville, Utah, Decker’s sculptures have depicted the history, passion and quest for speed associated with motorcycles, along with such diverse riders and devotees as Motor Company founder Walter Davidson, famous motorcycle racer Joe Petrali, two-wheel land speed record setter Rollie Free, and Elvis Presley with his first Harley-Davidson.

“Jeff is a very good friend and a very talented artist,” reported Lonnie Isam, Jr. who heads the Motorcycle Cannonball effort, “and he is equally at home in the arena of fine art as well as in the world of motorcycles and the culture of those who love them. He is the perfect choice for creating an award worthy of this historic motorcycling event. We are also extremely pleased that Jeff will be participating as a rider.”

According to Isam, the Motorcycle Cannonball trophy is to be called the “Wyman Cup” in honor of George Wyman who completed the first coast-to-coast motorcycle ride in 1903. Whether or not the award will be in the form of an actual traditional loving cup hasn’t been decided. Isam said Motorcycle Cannonball organizers are giving Decker “all the artistic license and room he needs to create this one-of-a-kind work of art.”

Decker grew up in Southern California in a family very involved in motor sports, primarily automobile drag racing. He relocated to Utah some 25 years ago and his life-long interest in motorcycles, particularly classic brands like the legendary Crocker, later merged with his artistic talents. His work, such as “Neck and Neck with Death” depicting a fleet of motorcycle board track racers in early 1900’s, has earned Decker international attention. Decker is also the only officially licensed sculptor for Harley-Davidson ( see www.jeffdeckerstudio.com).

The Motorcycle Cannonball lasts 17 days over 3,325 miles. There are entries from around the world. Complete information about the Motorcycle Cannonball, including route details and rider profiles, is available at www.motorcyclecannonball.com.


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