Sea Foam Internal Fuel And Oil System Cleaner

Sea Foam Motor Treatment, a 100 percent pure petroleum product, will safely clean internal fuel and oil system components. Sea Foam helps two-cycle and four-cycle engines run cleaner and more efficiently without causing any harm by removing gum, varnish, and carbon deposits. Sea Foam can be used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike to eliminate rough idle, hesitations, and other performance problems helping to prolong the life of your engine.  Info: Sea Foam,


  1. I got a tip from Lordco , a parts person their told me how SEAFOAM made his lawnmower run smoother , So we chatted a bit , I bought 2 cans and added half a can to my Yamaha silverado 1700 , I then filled it up and went for a 200 kms. ride . I was excited at how the performance improved , it seemed almost immediatly and I need everthing done right now. Totally impressed and called Lordco next morning to thank my man their for his insight. I didnt want to stop riding , Honestly I thought I was riding a new bike…… Wally the numbum and right sore leg. If SEAFOAM can fix my bike Ill try the truck and snowmobile next……