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Share Motorcycle Riding As A New Experience

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Share Motorcycle Riding As A New Experience


Share the experience of motorcycle riding with a new rider

We all remember our first time riding on a motorcycle. And we remember the excitement and fun of that eye-opening experience and feeling of freedom unlike anything else in the world.

How about all the amazing experiences we have had since then thanks to the worlds motorcycle riding has opened to us?

We at American Iron Magazine love to hear about our readers’ first experiences riding a motorcycle – any motorcycle. And we want to encourage you all to share this passion with someone who has never ridden a motorcycle before – a family member, friend or neighbor.

It can be as a new passenger on the back, or a new rider up front.

And then please share a photo of them on the bike and a sentance or two, in their words, about the experience to Letters@AmericanIronMag.com.