Should Harley Build This Standard Motorcycle?

Harley Standard Motorcycle concept

This standard Harley motorcycle is the creation of Glorin Chiourea, a recent Instituto d’Arte Applicata e Design graduate. (Photos courtesy of Glorin Chiourea) 

Harley-Davidson has carved out its niche in the cruiser motorcycle segment by sticking to its guns when it comes to motorcycle manufacturing. As the adage goes, “If it ain’t broke…”

Sure, every now and then The Motor Co. ventures out of its comfort zone, but its bread-and-butter are cruisers and tourers. It’s helped them be market leaders of that segment for eons.

But recently Glorin Chiourea, a student from Turin, Italy, and a recent Instituto d’Arte Applicata e Design graduate, shared with us his concept for a Harley standard motorcycle. For his Moto Design class, his instructor tasked students with designing a new motorcycle for Harley-Davidson in a new category. Listing successful competitors like Yamaha’s FZ-07 and the Ducati Monster, Chirourea designed this standard Harley.

He chose that style of motorcycle because “They’re highly engaging to ride, full of character and look great. Overall it’s an excellent user-friendly bike.”

Is this a motorcycle Harley should be producing? What do you think?

Harley-Davidson Standard motorcycle

A standard Harley-Davidson could potentially introduce The Motor Co. to a new segment of riders.