Shovelhead Road: Author Edward Winterhalder Shooting Outlaw Bikers Documentary

I’ve known Edward Winterhalder for years. With 11 books to his credit, he’s one of the most prolific writers about motorcycle clubs and the outlaw biker lifestyle that I know. Winterhalder’s been a consultant and adviser to a long list of TV shows and series when the topic of club life comes up. And for good reason. He writes from first person experience. He’s lived the lifestyle, run with the pack, and has survived to tell the tale.

I got wind that he’s branching out from the written word into the film world. Apparently he’s got a documentary in the works that will be produced by Atlas Industries and feature members of the War Dogs MC. Seems like two of its objectives are to give an accurate portrayal of the outlaw biker lifestyle while dispelling some of the myths the media propagates.

Winterhalder’s got some compelling life stories to share. Get a taste of what to expect in the documentary in the clip below.

Shovelhead Road – Feature Film Sizzle (2016)